May 172017

My first novel, as yet untitled, currently clocks in at 106,000 words and it’s not quite done yet. At about 300 words per page, this works out to 353 pages. When done I expect it’ll be around 400 pages. But then it’ll probably need a whole lot of editing.

Whether it’ll get published, I can’t say. But I do think it’s actually pretty good. The first quarter or so of it is a slightly reworked “Going to Gimli,” and many of the questions raised in that story (like “what the frak is the deal with Earth” and “who/what are the Segregators”) are answered by the end. It’s not Important Literary Literature, but I think it’s actually pretty entertaining and reasonably clever.

If interested, see my first story “Mass Disappearance,” followed by “Going to Gimli,” and then two story fragments, “Launch” and “A Matter of Some Gravity.”

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  • Phil

    For what it is worth, I enjoy your work, fiction and non-fiction.

  • Secret Agent X-17

    Feel free to send it when you’re ready.