May 122014

Because Why Not: here is a story fragment, rather than the whole thing. One of the stories I’m currently slooowly pecking away at has changed drastically several times, with a complete re-write to change plot, tone, direction, everything (it’s gone from Holy Crap This Is Dark And Depressing to Hey Look, It’s Kinda Funny), and a more recent change to try to greatly shorten it. This has left a lot of stuff on the cutting room floor, as it were. And while it now no longer fits in the story as it’s developing, I think it’s interesting on its own. There are editing troubles and the like, but hey, whadayawant, it’s abandoned text.

This features the same crew as “Mass Disappearance.” But it’s now third person, and you actually get to learn their names!

Basically there are three “scenes.” I’d pay good money to see the third scene. Preferably for real, but on an IMAX would be ok too.

“Launch” in EPUB format

“Launch” in MOBI format

“Launch” in PDF format

Feel free to comment & question.

And as always, if you *like* the story, feel free to tell others. If you *really* like it, feel free to toss cold hard PayPal cash my way via the “tip jar.”.

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  • Jordan

    Thanks for the third person! It’s difficult for me to read a story written in first person, as it is really jarring, feels like the author is hitting me throughout the story. I’d like to see your other story “Mass Disappearance rewritten in third person, which would be a more effective POV for the story overall.

  • Spanish Biker

    I downloaded Mass Disappearance a while ago and just got around to reading it. I thought it was pretty good, better than a lot of published stuff. The Lovecraftian aspect ( that’s not a spoiler is it ? ) pushed the right buttons for me personally.

  • Bill H

    The files are missing! There’s been a File Disappearance!

    • Scottlowther

      Fixed now. Links on the blog *to* the blog got all screwed up in the Great Blog Kerfuffle of August 2015. Every link had a spurious “blog/” added to it for no recognizable reason.

      In a year you’re the first to raise the issue about *these* links. That says all ya need to know about how popular these tales are.