Mar 242017

Fiction writing is way down on my list of priorities, but I still poke away at it from time to time. When I wrote “Going to Gimli,” the plan was that it’d be the first of three short stories that would form one overall story arc, with the insane notion that I might actually turn it into a novel. After finishing “Gimli” I wrote one complete story that *wasn’t* part of the original plan, but it’s a direct sequel to Gimli. I guess it’d be story 1.5 of the three planned. I’m now something like halfway through story 2; it’s going slowly.

“Gimli” clocks in at about 30,000 words. Story 1.5 (tentative placeholder title is “Run Spot Run”) is about 25,000 words; story 2 (tentatively “Return to Origin”) is so far about 25,500 words. All told about 80,500 words. Novels are generally about 300 words per page… so I’m already at about 270 pages. That *used* to be a respectable length for a full novel, but thanks to the likes of Stephen King and J.K. Rowling, it might be considered only a short one. Still… I was surprised to find out how much I’ve got.

I suspect that a good editor would go through my manuscript with pruning shears, a  chain saw, a flame thrower and eventually a tactical nuclear device, removing perhaps half of it. But given that I’m technically only half done, when finished it’ll actually be a full novel’s worth of stuff. Whether it’ll be *good* stuff remains to be seen.

If interested, see my first story “Mass Disappearance,” followed by “Going to Gimli,” and then two story fragments, “Launch” and “A Matter of Some Gravity.”

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  • Rick

    time to start a new TV series with a real epic story arc not some lame tack on like most current TV….are you writing the next B5? 🙂

    • Scottlowther

      No, but it’d be nice. Honestly, I could see the Zaneverse as a TV series… a damned expensive one in some ways. Not a whole lot of aliens (only one sentient ET makes a regular appearance), and humans look pretty normal, but some of the locations would be spendy.

      Some major differences from B-5: the major characters in the Zaneverse are Regular Schmoes. Not a one of ’em is The Chosen One. No Entil Zha in the bunch. No Admirals, Ambassadors or Presidents of Earth. On the other hand some of the *weird* things that B5 touched on are constant presences in the Zaneverse.

      I’d have to maintain some artistic control over plot arc, character development and casting. And boy howdy, would Certain People be upset by some things…

      • Peter Hanely

        These days a lot of the settings would be rendered on a computer.

        • Scottlowther

          Oh, sure. But then, a lot of the settings would be filmable on Earth… Fletcher Island in Hawaii, various spots on Asgard in the Alps, Rockies, Sierras. But even then there’d be the need to tinker with the backgrounds, especially the skies. And then there’s the interior of cylindrical stations, exteriors of bubbled asteroids like Gimli. I’d demand a mote or less complete set fir the Corpus Georgi, like they did for the Serenity, but the lounge would require a hell of a green screen. And while there’s be few CG aliens, there’d be lots of CG bots and uplifted passengers. Mr. Shadow and Mr Unpronounceable from “Run spot run” might be kinda challenging and spendy.