Feb 262013

There are some organizations that just *look* for things to be offended at. Observe:

Group upset by Geico’s ‘bestiality’ ad

They are upset about this ad:

[youtube n2uXyyLvvkY]

They have their knickers in a twist because the human female in the ad seems to want to make out with the pig.

The talking pig.

The talking pig that drives a car.

The talking pig that drives a car and surfs the web on a smart phone.

The talking pig that drives a car and surfs the web on a smart phone and then plays a video game and then buys an airline ticket and pays bills and flies.

I cannot imagine the level of outrage that will be generated when they stumble across the collected works of Bugs Bunny.


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Feb 262013

A common comment about the Chelyabinsk meteor videos is the apparent lack of reaction on the part of the Russian witnesses. This’n’s different:

[youtube iMVWECEMKP4]

I remain impressed not only with the mighty BANG, but with the train of explosions that follow it. Reminds me of the last scene in “Seeking a Friend for the End Of The World,” just in reverse.

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Feb 262013

If You Take These Jeans’ Name in Vain, Prepare to Meet Their Maker

In short: an Italian clothing company has a trademarked line called “Jesus Jeans.” And they have successfully used the courts to ban other firms from using “Jesus” in their product names. The example used was a small company trying to sell products with  “Jesus Surfed.” If you try to market “Jesus” t-shirts and the like, expect a lawyer to show up.

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Feb 252013

On the one hand: whales are intelligent (as non-humans go) and have been massively over-hunted. Japan has no need to kill them for food; their claims that this is done for research is patently ridiculous. Japan should stop.

On the other hand: Sea Shepherd opposes Japan’s whaling fleet; but they are a bunch of irritating ineffectual self-important hippie dipwads. They like to pose as pirates (even adopting a cliche pirate symbol as their own) yet turn into whiners when they are seriously opposed, physically or legally.

Watching Sea Shepherd tangle with the Japanese whaling fleet is kinda like watching a rabid skunk taking on a gangbanger: you just want them to both roll into the sewer drain and never be seen again. Still, you’ve got to kinda chuckle when the whalers decide that Enough Is Enough and actually fight back against the hippies:

Dramatic collision in Southern Ocean leaves anti-whaling boat damaged

[youtube KEVUEQ3SDyU]

The Sea Shepherd tub Bob Barker got itself good and tweaked by inserting itself between two *massively* bigger ships. Well… duh. Regardless of “right and wrong” and “legal and illegal,” if you ignore “physics,” you will likely get a very harsh lesson very fast.

[youtube ssw3xG1wH1s]

Sea Shepherd complaining about the whalers ramming their ship is kinda funny, given that their leader made a habit of ramming Japanese ships early on.

[youtube zgEP4ow2tSo]

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Feb 252013

Some memes are funny. Others… meh. “Harlem Shake” falls into the latter category. For those blissfully unaware, the idea is that a camera films a work environment, with people just going about their day, then some horrible music begins playing, and then all of a sudden the people are now in strange costumes dancing badly, having seizures or otherwise acting oddly.

Meh. To me it seems a long way to go for not much of a punchline.

This one gets the idea across:

[youtube 4hpEnLtqUDg]

I’ve seen two that present the appropriate response, however. Grumpy Cat:

[youtube yUHpWScJBHE]

And a longer-than-5-second 5 Second Films edition:

[youtube iST14CAy-fE]

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Feb 242013

In Fascism And You News, we have two fabulous stories of governments that are brave enough to control your life, down to the last detail…

Bloomberg’s ban prohibits 2-liter soda with your pizza and some nightclub mixers

Also, you can’t order a pitcher of soda at a pizza joint, because that’s bigger than the 16-ounce maximum. For the children!


Quebec language minister calls for moderation

Where Quebecker bureaucrats jumped on an Italian restaurant because the menu included the word “pasta.”

Ain’t it thrilling when the little people elect governments big enough to do whatever they want…

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Feb 242013

Yesterday I mentioned the homeless guy who returned a ring. Last year I mentioned  the bus monitor lady who got harassed. In the latter case, a donation drive was set up for her which netted shy of three quarters of a million dollars; the ongoing donation drive for the former is over $142K, and I imagine will peter out around $150K. I begrudge these two not one cent of the donations they get; so far as I know they didn’t lie to obtain sympathy, and people are donating out of their own will to do so.

But then there are these two guys:

Men who found girls at crash site ‘overwhelmed’ by emotion, media

In short:  a woman drove off a road, hit a tree, went down an embankment and died. The car was hidden by the greenery… as were the woman’s two small surviving daughters (ages 4 and 2), who sat outside the car under a blanket and were pretty much just doomed. But two fishermen happened by some time later, saw the bark rubbed off the tree by the car and decided to check it out… and in the end directly saved these two girls lives.

Consider: a woman gets verbally harassed by children, and scores $700K. A guy gives back something he knew not to be his, and will score ~$150K. Two guys notice something unusual that apparently other people took no heed of, and saved the lives of two children. Who wants to bet they *don’t* score? I searched both of the funding sites for “Kraai McClure” (one of the rescuers… and how many people can there possibly be with that name), and drew a blank both times.

I’ve no idea how to set up such a thing myself, or how to deal with the logistics of a successful donation drive. But obviously other people do. I’d love to be proven wrong .

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Feb 242013

A modification of THIS design, with a raised canopy for the crew. This would greatly improve downward vision for landing. Note, though, that the crew are still seated at this stage in the design process.

Also note in the cross-section view that the toroidal propellant tanks are “tipped” by several degrees. This was not the case in the earlier design.


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Feb 242013

Beretta’s future in Maryland tied to state’s gun-control debate

In short: the Democrats in control of Maryland have decreed that a new anti-gun bill shall be passed. It bans standard capacity magazines and Scary Black Rifles.  But Beretta has a factory in Maryland, and employs a lot of people (and of course provides business for subcontractors); so exemptions for Beretta have been written into the law. But Beretta knows that Maryland is just not working out, and is pondering leaving. The are beginning to get machines in place to start production on the ARX-160 semi-automatic rifle, which would be illegal for the subjects of Maryland to own under the proposed new law. While it would be legal for Beretta to manufacture those firearms and sell them out of state, a good point that I’d never considered before was raised. If, say, a citizen of Texas were to buy an ARX-160 and it developed a flaw while under warranty, the normal approach would be to send it back to the factory. But under the new legal regime, it probably wouldn’t be legal for Beretta to send it *back* to the owner. The guns they sell out of state are still Beretta property when they leave, or belong to firearms dealers with truckloads of licenses and red tape; under Maryland law, a civilian-owned ARX-160 would be simply illegal.

As I said, there’s always room in Utah for a good gun manufacturer. Heck, they could take over the ATK facility next door.

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