Apr 252011

Panic minimally. I’ve changed the “theme” of the blog from the initial basic theme that came with it. Hopefully there should be few if any issues apart from the appearance change; if anyone spots a problem, lemme know.

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Apr 252011

Still travelling (and for a while). At the same time, I’m looking into getting advertising “widgets” and whatnot for the blog. If I can get ’em up and running right, they should help generate some minor income… and if I can get ’em working right, I’ll start posting more content at higher rez.

Some thing I have not yet figured out about how to run this blog is how to get all the widgets and whatnot to show up on individual pages. If you are reading this posting on the main page (http://up-ship.com/blog/blog) you’ll note that the right side of the screen looks notably different than if you are reading this post at its own permalink (http://up-ship.com/blog/blog/?p=9580). If anyone has any pointers, they’d be appreciated.

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Apr 232011

So where was I today?

First I was inside this:

Then I saw this outside:

And a little later and a little down the road, this:

So… anyone know where the first photo was taken?

An aside: if you’ve been debating on whether or not to buy those dozens of downloads or hit the “donate” button and dispense with your tax refund, now would be a good time. On the road, far from home is a bad time to check your bank account by phone and discover that the automatic withdrawls that are coming in a few days are going to be greater than the sum total in your account…


This aughtta help…

FURTHER UPDATE: This was below decks on the USS North Carolina (more photos HERE). The photo at the top of the post shows the underside of the turret support structure from inside the ship, below the turret. The bottom photo shows cannisters of gun propellant ready for loading.

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Apr 222011

Made for the Gemini and Apollo capsules, and sold to the public in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s. Pretty much a machete. Why would astronauts need a machete? Well… just because the capsules were supposed to land in the ocean under the watchful eye of the US Navy doesn’t mean that that’s where they necessarily would land.

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Apr 222011

Some sorta carnival ride or some damned thing. Didn’t pay any attention to it when we parked, but when we got out of the truck, there it was, big as life and twice as ugly.

Yeesh. Looks like the sort of nightmare-sauce that one would find in some abandoned Russian amusement park.

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