May 282010

… a high school student had challenged the woman and a female friend, both holding babies, after being told by witnesses that they had stolen her phone.  … Officers arrived along with some of the student’s relatives.  One of these family members pushed one of the suspected thieves who, shockingly, responded by throwing her baby on to the road and stamping on it while shouting in protest.

That’ll teach the little brat.

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May 272010

There has been some interest shown in getting large format prints of one or two of the photos I’ve recently posted. I’d planned on journeying forth today to get, among other things, a few prints made, but events have prevented that for today… so I’ll go tomorrow. So… anybody want a copy? Looking around online, it looks like the price of a 24X36 print of a photo tends to run in the multiples of hundreds of dollars, plus postage. But I’m a nobody… so I’ll go $90 plus postage for a 24X36 print. I can get larger prints, at additional cost. To first order, a linear multiple based on the length of the print, compare to the 36-inch “standard length.”

I’m going after 24X36 prints of 2010-05-25-pano-1-b.jpg

But I also highly recommend some others, such as this (can be made into a 12X36 print, for $45):

And these in 12X36:,,

And definitely this (an earlier 24X36 print looks great framed on my wall):

Or anything else in the “photography” category…

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May 262010

A photo of lifting body wind tunnel models tested by Martin in the mid 1960’s. Most of them are pretty clearly related to the SV-5/X-23/X-24 configuration… but just what’s going on with the design in the upper right, with twin “canopies” or whatever they are, is unknown to me.


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May 232010

I’ve been preoccupied of late, with minimal updating of the blog apart from some commenting. This situation will revert back to normal in a few days. In the meantime, please to enjoy the following recent semi-random images of Utah…

dsc_9017.jpg  dsc_9109.jpg  dsc_9166.jpg  dsc_9244.jpg  dsc_9268.jpg  dsc_9336.jpg  dsc_9385.jpg  dsc_9483.jpg  dsc_9551.jpg  dsc_9565.jpg  dsc_9616.jpg

Regarding DSC_9565: if you get any ideas, that’s your responsibility. Leave me out of it, I don’t want to know.

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