Nov 292016

Two caveats:

1) It’s from the Daily Mail

2) It’s from Russia

So accuracy is not assured.

The CLONED dogs of war: Russia unveils genetically-enhanced canines which will work with Putin’s Special Forces and were created by scientist attempting to restore woolly mammoths

The notion of cloning special dogs for certain roles is interesting, but it’s very likely to be of dubious practical value. The utility of a dog for sniffing out drugs or explosives comes down to their breed and training, and cloning does frak-all to pass on training for anything more advanced than a flatworm. And if you happen to like a particular breed, there are easier ways than cloning to get more of ’em. A male and a female, some mood lighting and Barry White playing over the kennels PA system would not only be sufficient, it might be argued as being a bit excessive for the goal of getting more of that breed.

And cloning is still a sufficiently new practice that it’s not at all clear than the clones will be as healthy or long-lived as the original.

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Nov 242016

Was your Thanksgiving meal boring (I had a gas station hot dog, hold your applause)? Well, here’s an idea for next time. Maybe even Christmas. Mythos up your turkey a notch by fusing it with crabs and an octopus. And some bacon.

Never forget c’thurkey, the octopus-stuffed turkey from hell

Yow. That looks… tasty? Ummm… There’s really only one right response to seeing this out in the wild:

Thanks to Fark for pointing this out.

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange dinners save room for pie. Iä, Iä, C’thurkey thksgvn


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Aug 292016

Some hours ago, when it was only slightly after midnight, I went outside to check on some things and noticed that the air was *really* dusty. I noticed this artistic imprint in the dust on the back window of my car:

WP_20160828_025 WP_20160828_024

It’s now just about 5:30 AM, the cars are starting to zip by carrying people to their jobs. Let it never be said that I don’t put in the hours to get my work done. But I suspect it might be about time to crash.

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Jul 282016

It’s fun to watch the Bernie Sanders fans tear into Hillary… but it’s *terrifying* to realize that a sizable fraction of the US electorate actually wants the guy and his policies. Policies that are, at their core, every bit as delusional as those that have brought Venezuela low.

Animals go hungry in Venezuela zoos due to shortages

Not just “going hungry,” but around 50 animals have simply starved to death. Zookeepers have taken to trying to feed mangos and pumpkins to the lions and tigers… obligate carnivores.

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