Winter around here was really mild. As a result, the moth population was not as wiped out as one might’ve hoped, and thus they are all over the place in vast numbers just now. Being moths, they circle lights and light fixtures. This generates an inevitable audience…

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A 1960 USAF film describing testing being done in support of space biomedicine. Included are early vomit comet flights with kittens and pigeons…  they don’t really seem to be able to get a grip on just what’s going on. But then, they didn’t exactly have the situation explained to them, and only had zero-g in fifteen second chunks to learn.

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It may look kinda cruel to do this to cats and the like, but it’s necessary. not to learn about how humans are going to handle zero g… we’ve got that. No, we need to put critters in zero g because we’re going to be taking them with us when we finally get up and head out. Of course, when we finally have family-sized colony ships heading out to stake claims in the asteroid belt they will almost certainly rotate for artificial gravity, but zero-g will be something that everyone will have to learn to deal with. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty sure that in a zero g environment cats can probably learn to get around, so long as the walls are covered in burlap and they have their claws. Dogs, I’m not so sure. They’ll have to have velcro booties, I think. Monkeys will almost certainly figure it out, but they’re horrible dangerous little beasts you’ve probably have to be insane to take with you on a space ship.

Also note the Moment Of Extreme Mad Men Fiftiesismocity at about 10:22: a guy is in a Mercury capsule-like impact couch and dropped a few years to WHAM onto the ground. Within mere feet is an Air Force office in full regalia… smoking a pipe like Bob Dobbs. Something about that strikes me funny.

Some of the critters in the back yard:

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In this episode of The Unwanted Blog After Dark:

In the midst of giving a little presentation on lion mating practices, two lions come up to (a guy who seems to be) a park ranger and get their nasty on:

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Sure, why not.

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A Bakersfield, CA, family cat rescues little boy from unprovoked dog attack:

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This is pretty interesting. “Steadfast Stanley” is worth a watch.

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Dogs (and Cats) Can Love

In short, both dogs and cats have the same neurochemical response that humans do under circumstances humans would refer to as “love.” So perhaps I’m not being unnecessarily anthropomorphistic when I draw certain inferences when I see Fingers’ relationship with Raedthinn:

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Of course, it might just be the mind control rays:



For a long time I had a mediocre flip-phone. Last autumn it crapped out on me, and got replaced with a truly cheap flip phone ($14, WalMart). My phone contract provides for a new phone every two years, and that time came at the beginning of March. So, I finally got a smart phone-type-phone thingie, a Nokia something-or-other. As it turns out, it actually takes reasonably fair photos, though not nearly as good as you get from a *real* camera. Behold:

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And they said it couldn’t be done…

Woman ‘marries’ dog: ‘I couldn’t think of anything more I’d need from a life partner

The dog is female, so the story has the gay marriage angle built right into it.

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