Dec 292014

Take a perfectly good old movie and remake it with hideously expensive special effects and overpaid celebrities, all in the quest for half a billion at the box office. Will this desecration of the classics ever cease?

You’ve got to admit, though, the effort lavished on making exquisite period vehicles produced some spectacular results.

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Dec 192014

Every now and then you come across some work of Man that makes ya proud. The kind of thing that makes you think “this is what Men can do.”  The Apollo program. Lasers. Nuclear power. The Panama Canal. The discovery of evolution and relativity. But not all of them need to be gigantic projects. Sometimes they’re just new legs for a pet dog:

[youtube uRmoowIN8aY]

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Dec 172014

Woman’s will asks for her [still-living] dog to be buried with her

The German Shepherd in question is not only still living, but apparently quite healthy.

See, here’s the thing: you can kill a pig or a sheep at will, because they are meat critters. You generally own such animals specifically for the purpose of killin’ ‘em at some point and putting their carcasses to use. But *dogs?* If you own a dog in order to kill it… yer doin’ it wrong.

Dick move, lady.

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Nov 252014

Due out in June, “Jurassic World.” The idea is that Ingen, the company behind Jurassic Park, folded and sold all their stuff to another company… one that went back to the island, fixed it all up and made the park functional and successful. Learned all the lessons and did everything right, so now the “Jurassic World” park is a rampagingly successfully place to take the family.

But “because Hollywood,” they also decided to genetically tinker and intentionally made a particularly horribly nasty Super Dinosaur, apparently named the “Diabolus Rex,” because people are bored with Brachiosaurs and Velociraptors and Tyranosaurs, or something.

Still, the trailer looks fairly spectacular (especially the Jurassic sea world). I woulda loved to have seen a version of this where the idjit who suggested  whipping up the Super Dinosaur got voted down, and the end result was just an awesome dinosaur park.

[youtube RFinNxS5KN4]

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Nov 212014

Actually, a lot of days like this.

[youtube FkHbC1RSjv8]

Yesterday, for one…

I had a pair of ferrets when I lived in Colorado. Little balls of fur, fight and personality, they were. Often wondered how they’d get on with my cats. I suspect it wouldn’t be pretty.

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Nov 192014

Dogs are useful because they can be brainwashed into doing what we want them to do. This can include ignoring toys and treats while under orders.

But sometimes a dog will transcend that nonsense and display a praiseworthy disdain for Doing What You’re Told.

[youtube 5iTTNRE-njM]

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