Feb 232016

A pig hat. It can get ya arrested.

Apparently there are people in the Netherlands who are so incapable of controlling themselves that they’ll turn into murderous ragemonsters if they see a kids pig-hat, and so therefore these terribly provocative bits of apparel must be removed from the public square.

I suddenly wish I owned stock in the company that makes pig hats, because I suspect they’re going to become real popular.

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Feb 222016

Just brought Raedthinn home from the vet. He is, it seems, All Better… but that came at a substantial cost. In fact, two days at the vet cost more than a months work on USFP01 and USVP01 brought in. Behold:


So… time for another sale. For the next day or two or three, I’m running another Downloadable Stuff Sale. This applies to all APR’s and articles, USxPs, Air & Space Drawings & Documents, ANED01. As per usual… make your purchase using the Paypal buttons, and I’ll refund the sales difference.

Up to $50: 10% off

From $50.01 to $75: 15% off

More than $75: 20% off

UPDATE: Sale has ended as of 2/24/2016


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Nov 052015

Saw this today on the road to Logan. Only got one dismal photo with the camera phone.


If you can’t make out what it is… on far left is a cat. At far right, atop the hay bale, is a very large hawk. The cat was trying to sneak up on the hawk. As it happened, the hawk flew off just after this photo was taken; the cat immediately dashed for the tall grass. But no good could have possibly come from a cat taking on a raptor that size.

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Nov 032015

Recently the news media has been ulcerating over a “school resource officer” pitching some kid across the floor. Now why would people who work in schools possibly be so twitchy that they would resort to such violent means, as opposed to simply shrink-wrapping the student into her chair and dragging her out to the front to to await pickup by her parents? Hmmm. Let me think.

Note: Not Safe For Work language. Not Safe For Your Hope For The Future behavior.

School isn’t for everyone, such as many of the participants shown here. This was apparently shot in 2011, so I’d assume that the bureaucracy went ahead and rubber stamped some diplomas for these rambunctious lil’ tykes, but in a better world they would be expelled and barred from the public school system for at least a year. Anyone looking to hire them would automatically (somehow) be presented with this video and any other documentation so that they would essentially be barred from any but the lowliest forms of employment; they would also be barred from receiving any form of government assistance.

The preferred end result is deportation. A yearly shipment of the ill-behaved such as these to, say, Damascus would seem a good way to go.

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Oct 262015

‘Sugar-crazed’ Quantock ponies break woman’s leg

So, a bunch of ponies in Britain are causing a ruckus. These critters, raised in the wild, have been given a lot of sugary treats by well-intentioned but ill-considered folk. The end result has been that the ponies now *expect* to get the treats, will get pushy about demanding them, and will get aggressive and violent if you don’t cough ’em up.

I wonder if someone could come up with some sort of political metaphor from this…

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Oct 152015

CNN needlessly asks:

Is it ethical to colonize Mars?

The writer trades the value of having a “backup Earth” over the rights of any possible native Martian life (assumed to be bacterial at best) and comes down on the side of colonization. This is of course the correct answer, but the discussion leaves out the important detail that terraforming Mars might well be *better* for Martian life.

If there is any life on Mars today, it seems almost certain that that life is the tenacious last remnants of life that evolved a billion or more years ago when the planet was warmer and wetter. While life could well continue to survive in such a dried out frigid environment – just as life survives today in Antarctica – it has little future to evolve added complexity there. In short, life on Mars has gone as far as it’s going to. From here on out it’s a long slow fade to darkness.

But if mankind comes, sets up shop, parks some mirrors over the poles and starts dropping teratons of iceteroids, any existing Martian biota will see conditions that can only be considered “better.” And even if terraforming turns out to be bad for the Marsbugs, humanity will almost certainly preserve them in some way, and perhaps seed them somewhere else. If the bugs can survive on Mars, perhaps they could survive on Ganymede or Callisto and begin the terraforming process *there.* But regardless, the current crop of Marsbugs are going nowhere. They are more doomed than Earthly bunnies (who will not spread to the stars without the assistance of mankind).

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