Mar 132015

For some reason, my neighbor dumped a couple truckloads of onions in his field for his sheep critter to nom upon. I first noticed this one day a week or two back when, going into my garage, I was hit with the overwhelming smell of onions. As my garage is not normally the sort of place that encompasses a great many culinary smells, my first thought was “oh, no, what horrible chemical disaster has occurred to my home and/or car that has resulted in the co-incidental odor?” And then the garage door opened and, behold, a field of onions.

And for those interested… living for a decade next to a field full of sheep, an overwhelming scent of onions is *far* from the worst stank to come from that direction.


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Jan 292015

Pitbull-Dachshund mix with tiny feet and a huge head sparks adoption frenzy

Don’t even try to figure out how it makes sense, everything about him is perfect. Just appreciate his cute little feet and his ginormous adorable head.

“Perfect.” “Cute.” “Adorable.” What is the critter that merits these descriptors?


Now, this may be a perfectly cromulent little entity… but it is nevertheless the result of Breeding Gone Wrong.

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