Sure, why not.

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A Bakersfield, CA, family cat rescues little boy from unprovoked dog attack:

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This is pretty interesting. “Steadfast Stanley” is worth a watch.

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Dogs (and Cats) Can Love

In short, both dogs and cats have the same neurochemical response that humans do under circumstances humans would refer to as “love.” So perhaps I’m not being unnecessarily anthropomorphistic when I draw certain inferences when I see Fingers’ relationship with Raedthinn:

WP_20140406_023 WP_20140406_019

Of course, it might just be the mind control rays:



For a long time I had a mediocre flip-phone. Last autumn it crapped out on me, and got replaced with a truly cheap flip phone ($14, WalMart). My phone contract provides for a new phone every two years, and that time came at the beginning of March. So, I finally got a smart phone-type-phone thingie, a Nokia something-or-other. As it turns out, it actually takes reasonably fair photos, though not nearly as good as you get from a *real* camera. Behold:

WP_20140314_013  WP_20140316_007   WP_20140318_017 WP_20140318_015  WP_20140317_011


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And they said it couldn’t be done…

Woman ‘marries’ dog: ‘I couldn’t think of anything more I’d need from a life partner

The dog is female, so the story has the gay marriage angle built right into it.

A student film that proves to be as good, in its truncated way, as a lot of what comes out of major studios. I shudder to imagine the amount of time it took to create all the CAD models, especially the cathedral.

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Twenty minutes or so ago, there I was, minding my own business, reading up on fusion microexplosions when a fargin stampede stampeded past my window. A trio of neighborhood horses had escaped their enclosure and, as always, ran to *my* back yard to commune with the horses that are already back there:



And while I’m out there taking pictures of them (because why not), there was one of those sounds that sounds *really* creepy: an air raid siren *waaaaaay* off in the distance. Seemed to be coming from over the hills to the west, from ATK. The siren ran for thirty seconds or so, then shut down. Time on the clock: 1PM, Thursday. And then the ICBM motor fired up. Holy crap, that was LOUD; it was a sound that sort of filled the world. Ran for 50 seconds or so and didn’t do the horses skittishness any favors. Several minutes later the exhaust plume finally popped up over the hills:



NOTE: for those few of you awaiting cyanotypes… check out the sky in these photos. This is what I’ve had to work with for *weeks.* The cyanotypes require strong, clear, consistent sunlight. Hasn’t been much of that lately.

A lot of people didn’t like Transformers 3, but I did… the very, very dark tone of the last third or so of the movie, with the city of Chicago effectively wiped out, hundreds of thousands dead and numerous skyscrapers reduced to rubble. was a major shift from the chuckleheaded inanity of so much of the series. And TF:4 looks like it’s actually carrying over that tone. Which to my mind is the *appropriate* tone, given the basic idea: extremely dangerous  artificially intelligent war machines can drop out of the sky randomly. Some are human-friendly, but by far the majority are opposed to humans, and have tried to wipe us out several times. And there are more, probably many more, out there. Even if humans and their extremely few Autobot allies have managed to fight them off a few times, the basic math says that the universe is essentially out to get us. This would have an interesting and kinda dismal effect on human society.

Plus… dinobots! Woo!

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And I gotta wonder what Lovecraft would have made of this pooch. It’s like an eldritch horror from beyond tried to materialize in our corporeal realm, but a small fishbait dog wandered into the stone circle at just the wrong moment and now Cody the dog is possessed by Yog Sothoth.

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It was the Annual Parade of Sheep Heading West today. Thousands of fuzzy poopmonsters being hustled along by dogs and Peruvians.

Dsc_2089 Dsc_2038 Dsc_2028



This was of interest to at least one other observer…

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