Dec 282010

Below are some mocked-up covers to some potential MagCloud printed “magazines” I’m contemplating. As always, my skills at graphic design are non-existent. So I’d appreciate input, criticisms, suggestions, etc.

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  • Russ Mularz

    Heya, Scott!

    They actually all look pretty good… I especially like the last Davy Crockett cover with the green stripes. Only suggestion I’d offer is to spell out what ASSET is on the cover for ignorants such as myself.

    Here’s to a successful and prosperous New Year!


  • novalia

    On the ASSET and X-15A covers, lose the italicizing. Add a bit more breathing space between the top of the page and “aerospace projects review presents” for all the covers from ASSET downwards.

    For your cover here, I have advice as well.

    Tile the image horizontally, and lose the diagonal thing; it looks awkward. Again, don’t use italics for titles. Make the title bigger, and give generous spacing between letters. It makes it look more monumental. For the background, I’d be simple about it and go with white instead of the greyish blue

  • Pat Flannery

    ASSET would look better with some art of it reentering, so that people seeing the cover will know what it did, as it’s pretty obscure.
    The X-15 walkaround looks better with the background included.
    Did you get your hands on the technical manuals for the Davy Crockett?
    I haven’t been able to locate them on the web, but there are some mentioned here:

  • Deep Beam

    To me the Davey Crockett ones are the strongest here. They have that retro look that this type of material really lends itself too, and I agree with Russ that the green stripes are the best.

    I like the X-15 with the light blue background best of those, but I wonder if you could use an image that’s not full color, maybe a 2-color rendering?

    Anyway, I like the direction that you’re going with this!

  • Joel
  • Bruce

    I will say they do look professionally done, like something out of a bookstore.

  • Michael Holt

    ASSET needs to have the acronym defined. I agree about the italicization on that and the X-15A-2 covers. I prefer the X-15 cover with the light blue, I think, and I like the ASSET cover with just the device, without the exploded diagram. The Davey Crockett cover looks best with the OD bars. (I can imagine an entire series of “Know your nukes” handbooks.)

  • admin

    > I can imagine an entire series of “Know your nukes” handbooks.)

    As can I. But I’d likely need to take a few trips before I could get a decent series of handbooks.

  • Jp

    I don’t think the design of the covers will make much of a difference for subjects that appeal to your audience. In fact the lack of anything too slick will actually make yours stand out

  • kbob42

    I prefer the knownukesDCC.jpg with the darker blue. Regarding the X-15 cover loose the italics and see if you can do a 2 tone. All of the books look like ones that would look great on my shelves.

  • Jeff Wright
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