Mar 132010

Now available are scans of two large and detailed diagrams of the Northrop YF-23 stealth fighter. Included:

1) Drawing 400L005002, sheet 1 of 2: provides top, bottom, left and right inboard views, with scrap inboard views through the engine and upper avionics bay. An impressive 27,000 by 7032 pixels, black & white. Original scan was missing much of the title block, but the rest of the image is intact.

2) Drawing 400L005002, sheet 2 of 2: provides 21 cross-sections of the YF-23. Smaller than sheet one, it’s still a large 17,696 by 6,944 pixels, black and white.

Also included are grayscale half- and quarter-size versions for easier viewing and printing. Together these would make a very useful resource for model builders… either to perfect a kit, or to scratchbuilt a large-scale display or even RC flying model.

Air Drawing 47 can be downloaded for $3.


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  • Nikolay Andreev

    Should the F-23A drawings come up in an electronic way, i will get them in an instant as too. Thank you, Scott!

  • Pete Murrie

    I LOVE your “airdocs”, all that how-it-works detail and pretty with it!

    Thank you again Scott!

  • Kelly Starks

    Ooooo, F-23 — my fav.


  • Gabriele

    I would like to know if the downloaded plot have the same resolution of those shown in the upper sight

    • Anonymous

      The download is about 20 times bigger

  • Gabriele Barbaraci

    If I pay this project How do You intend to send me?


    Aug 27 2015 Today I ordered Air Drawing 47 , & paid with my paypal account which completed correctlly, ( transaction id ; 6pe20350k1575605j ) but now how do I get my drawings ?

  • thewizardofaz

    Is there a possibility to get the drawings printed and shipped to stateside addresses? If so, what would be the cost. Thanks. Rick