Mar 132010

Now available are scans of two large and detailed diagrams of the Northrop YF-23 stealth fighter. Included:

1) Drawing 400L005002, sheet 1 of 2: provides top, bottom, left and right inboard views, with scrap inboard views through the engine and upper avionics bay. An impressive 27,000 by 7032 pixels, black & white. Original scan was missing much of the title block, but the rest of the image is intact.

2) Drawing 400L005002, sheet 2 of 2: provides 21 cross-sections of the YF-23. Smaller than sheet one, it’s still a large 17,696 by 6,944 pixels, black and white.

Also included are grayscale half- and quarter-size versions for easier viewing and printing. Together these would make a very useful resource for model builders… either to perfect a kit, or to scratchbuilt a large-scale display or even RC flying model.

Air Drawing 47 can be downloaded for $3.


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  • Nikolay Andreev

    Should the F-23A drawings come up in an electronic way, i will get them in an instant as too. Thank you, Scott!

  • Pete Murrie

    I LOVE your “airdocs”, all that how-it-works detail and pretty with it!

    Thank you again Scott!

  • Kelly Starks

    Ooooo, F-23 — my fav.


  • Gabriele

    I would like to know if the downloaded plot have the same resolution of those shown in the upper sight

    • Anonymous

      The download is about 20 times bigger

  • Gabriele Barbaraci

    If I pay this project How do You intend to send me?


    Aug 27 2015 Today I ordered Air Drawing 47 , & paid with my paypal account which completed correctlly, ( transaction id ; 6pe20350k1575605j ) but now how do I get my drawings ?

  • thewizardofaz

    Is there a possibility to get the drawings printed and shipped to stateside addresses? If so, what would be the cost. Thanks. Rick

  • Is this still available?

    • Scottlowther
      • Excellent – I’ll head over later tonight. I just love the YF-23. Imagine if it had been chosen and it’s final state like the F-22? One can hope that this design will live on in the next phase of our sixth gen.

        • Scottlowther

          I wouldn’t bet on that. Lockheed is just about the only source for future fighters for the USAF… Boeing is no longer in the fighter business, NorGrumm is probably locked in with just bombers. There’s nobody else left, unless one of the smaller contractors – General Atomics, say – produces a small unmanned fighter.