Apr 162018

Saw this on the road a few days ago, heading south on I-15 between Brigham City and Ogden. Theory: the government is getting ready for the Yellowstone supervolcano to go off and to do so with such force that the Great Salt Lake will be tossed around, a giant  wave of brine sent sloshing southwards. Second theory: anything else.

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  • Paul451

    b) In order to get funding, thus to appease Congress, NOAA had to order the buoys manufactured in a very stupid and inconvenient place. Probably different parts in several, widely separated, stupid and inconvenient places.

    • Doug Pirahna

      We have a winner!

      • B-Sabre

        They’re built by SAIC in San Diego, so probably not the case here. The buoy looks used, so it’s probably been used in a display or something.

  • Herp McDerp

    That’s the drain stopper for the Great Salt Lake!

    And some idiot pulled it!