Mar 202018

I think I’m out, and they keep sucking me back in…

Profs claim scientific objectivity reinforces ‘whiteness’

OK, let’s forget the nonsensical race-based identity politics that the University of Colorado/Denver professors are pushing. What *really* grinds my gears is this:

“This way of knowing science in the absence of other ways of knowing only furthers whiteness and White supremacy through power and control of science knowledge,” they maintain. “As a result, our students of Color are victims of deculturization, and their own worldviews are invalidated, such as described by Ladson-Billings.”

Other ways of knowing.



These jackwads want to equate superstition and tradition and folklore and just pulling “wisdom” directly from one’s own rectal cavity with the hard work of hypothesis and testing and data gathering and reason… and, most importantly, questioning your own suppositions.

To that I say…

… let me know when someone uses “other ways of knowing” to launch a satellite into orbit, or send an aircraft across an ocean, or cures friggen’ cancer or does *anything* to meaningfully add to our understanding of how the universe actually works. Until that time…

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  • znapel

    Hey man, didn’t you know that ‘science’ is a social construct?

    Good video about it here, tearing it apart. Preaching to the choir though.

  • sferrin

    Wasn’t there a video sometime ago of a class in Africa I think it was, where they were talking about the “science” of witchcraft and how it was just as valid as “regular” science?

  • allen

    somewhere Loki and Coyote are at a bar.

    Loki says to Coyote “you win man, you win. YOU CAN STOP NOW”

  • Herp McDerp

    Wikipedia sums up their operating principle:

    Postmodern philosophy questions the importance of power relationships, personalization, and discourse in the “construction” of truth and world views. Many postmodernists appear to deny that an objective reality exists, and appear to deny that there are objective moral values. […] Many postmodern claims are a deliberate repudiation of certain 18th-century Enlightenment values. A postmodernist believes that there is no objective natural reality, and that logic and reason are mere conceptual constructs that are not universally valid. Two other characteristic postmodern practices are a denial that human nature exists, and a (sometimes moderate) skepticism toward claims that science and technology will change society for the better. Postmodernists also believe there are no objective moral values. Thus, postmodern philosophy suggests equality for all things. […] Postmodern writings often focus on deconstructing the role that power and ideology play in shaping discourse and belief. Postmodern philosophy shares ontological similarities with classical skeptical and relativistic belief systems, and shares political similarities with modern identity politics.

    “Ann Ryan (2008) argues …” […] “… as described by Ladson-Billings.”

    “Scholars” in the Bullshit Studies departments rely almost entirely on appeals to Authority. Some outspoken activist (Mary Daly, Catharine MacKinnon, or philosopher (Lyotard, Derrida, makes an unfounded pronouncement, and the claim is accepted without question. Accumulate enough citations, and you too can become an Authority.

    “Therefore, our science is out of touch with the experiences of our students of Color and, instead, represent post-colonial discourses of White power and control over people of Color via forcing the internalization of Western science knowledge.” […] “This way of knowing science in the absence of other ways of knowing only furthers whiteness and White supremacy through power and control of science knowledge,” they maintain. “

    Seems to me they’re making a pretty strong case for White Supremacy.

  • Ulrich Brasche III

    I keep sayin’ that, now, ignorance is celebrated as a f’n *virtue* more and more recently.

  • se jones

    JP clears up the question of religion vs. science:

  • se jones

    The nope chemical explained by some white guy (video below).

    The nope chemical should be re-characterized by underrepresented chemistry students using post-racial Indigenous knowledge and native science. Protective lab wear including eye protection and gloves, perpetuates stereotypic images of the western white scientist and promotes the pedagogy of fear, social inequality and deficit paradigms in the laboratory environment. Truer multicultural science education should reconsider routine or normative lab practices and discard them as they represent pedagogy of the oppressed. More natural, Indigenous laboratory protocols
    will fight economic scarcity while altering the perception of race leading to the possessive investment in whiteness.

  • sferrin

    Jesus. And these idiots call Conservatives, “anti-science”.