Feb 152018

Updated the webpage is an irritating process compared to adding new blog posts, but I’ve finally gotten around to updating the Aerospace Projects Review main page and the US Aerospace Projects catalog page:




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  • Derek

    Have you considered starting subscriptions for these? Also as a bonus you could include the actual blueprints and original drawings you worked from.

    • Scottlowther

      The releases are much too sporadic for normal subscriptions, paid on an annual basis with the assumption that a certain number will be released. Presumably any kind of subscription would have a lower price per issue than currently, and to be blunt I simply couldn’t afford to do that unless somehow the number of subscribers was surprisingly high. I already have to be out of my mind to be doing this… the latest releases, USVP02 and USRP02, sold less than thirty copies each. I’d need to sell more than 100 for it to pay what the time spent is worth, and I don’t know that I’ve *ever* sold 100 of any of them. Getting people to shell out in advance seems like it would not add to the total number of buyers.