Dec 052017

As an update to the story from a few days ago, an arrest has been made. As always, don’t enclicken if’n ya don’t want to get all depressed.


Since he’s 16, they’re not releasing his name. But this being the Internet, I’m sure someone will. In fact, I’ve seen *several* names named… but those reports are as trustworthy as a politicians promise. After every terrorist attack or mass shooting, just like clockwork there are announcements that So-And-So has been arrested… and it turns out to not actually be So-And-So.

As for the cat, named Spots, this was indeed Someone’s Cat. It suffered a broken leg, which was fixed, but “irregular” blood tests have indicated that it has suffered other unspecified internal injuries. One wonders how well the perpetrator will fare when Pomponius Falco flings his worthless ass across (or into) the border wall with a siege engine.


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  • Herp McDerp

    It’s beneficial to the environment when we spay and neuter ferals.

    • Ulrich Brasche III