Dec 042017

Quentin Tarantino Hatches ‘Star Trek’ Movie Idea; Paramount, JJ Abrams To Assemble Writers Room

Tarantino wants to write and direct a  Trek movie. And JJ Abrams, the guy who famously said that he didn’t like Star Trek but who somehow wound up in charge of it, thinks it’s a neato-keen idea.

Look, I know a lot of people like Tarantinos movies. I’ve seen a number of them once. Once. I’ve never seen one of his movies twice. And I’ve seen both Trek V *and* nemesis multiple times.

I just don’t see how buckets of fake blood and paragraphs of profanity really make for a proper Star Trek movie. But then… STD is currently the official flag holder for the franchise.


And in other Star Trek news, looks like we’ll be getting a new Star Trek movie in January. Well… sorta. Behold the trailer for “Please Stand By:”

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  • Michel Van

    Here Tarantino explain his idea for ST movie

  • becida

    Taking the stories from the original series & turning them into movies is not a bad thing, but it’s Quentin Tarantino doing it…. wait and see I guess.

    The trailer was interesting… I wonder how many people actually “speak” Klingon?

    • Scottlowther

      > I wonder how many people actually “speak” Klingon?

      Depends on how you define it.Truly fluent speakers… I’d guess on the order of 100. People able to get by, maybe in the thousands. People able to crank out a few phrases, maybe tens of thousands. Maybe.