Nov 232017

It turns out that women don’t want to date unattractive men. Shocking, I know.

Are looks more important than personality when choosing a man?

Physical attractiveness strongly influenced how women and their mothers saw the target men. The attractive and moderately attractive ones came up trumps. Men with the most desirable personality profiles were rated more favourably than their counterparts only when they were also at least moderately attractive. Even when unattractive men possessed the most desirable traits, the mothers and daughters did not view them as potential dating material.

“We conclude that a minimum level of physical attractiveness is a necessity for both women and their mothers,” says Fugére.


Of course, this is perfectly sensible. What people – taken in the larger bulk sense of the term – consider to be physically attractive *usually* correlates reasonably well with health and the ability to create, raise and sustain offspring in a world full of savages and cave lions and wolves and such.

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  • Adam

    Am I naïve in hoping that this wasn’t true?

    • Scottlowther


      The result of the study may be disappointing, and they may be arguable (the sample size is really small to draw species-wide conclusions), but they should not be surprising. especially if you in fact *are* an unattractive male, the concept of being undateable should hardly be a surprise, especially if you have spent enough years being such. if you are *young* and unattractive, you may yet still have hope. But reality will sooner or later teach you to abandon it.

      • James

        I would be interested to see how this would fair over ALL societies.

      • publiusr

        Evolution’s way to prevent cranio-facial defects.

        Otherwise you have a bunch of John Merricks with sparkling personalities.
        “Did I tell you about the tiff with Professor Noseworthy?”

  • Bob


  • James

    People are basically entirely sight based. We teach people from birth to go after pretty things and shun things we see as unattractive. In the US and other developed countries this is at its peak (I hope).

    But hey its not just women. Look at the people from politicians, celebrities, to your own work environment. Most people simply can’t look past outer appearence.