May 052017

Goose that lays golden eggs? KILL IT!!!!

California seeks to tax rocket launches, which are already taxed

Take a read through the proposed legislation. I’m not a law-talkin’-guy, so it reads like so much gibberish to me.


Mileage ratio numerator. The numerator of the mileage ratio for each launch contract shall be
the total projected mileage that all launch vehicles launched or planned to be launched pursuant to that
launch contract will travel within this state. If a launch occurs or is planned to occur in this state, the
contribution of that launch to the numerator of the mileage ratio shall be 62 statutory miles. If a launch
occurs or is planned to occur outside of this state, the contribution of that launch to the numerator of
the mileage ratio shall be zero.
Mileage ratio denominator. The denominator of the mileage ratio for each launch contract shall
be the total mileage that all launch vehicles launched pursuant to that contract are projected at the time
of the execution of the contract to travel from launch to separation.
If the Internal Revenue Service or the Franchise Tax Board is prevented by reasons of secrecy or
confidentiality imposed by governmental authorities from determining the projected mileage of any
launch contract, the mileage ratio denominator of such contracts shall be conclusively presumed to be
310 statutory miles multiplied by the number of launches pursuant to that contract.
Mileage factor numerator. For each launch contract under which revenue is recognized in a
taxable year, the mileage ratio for that contract shall be multiplied by the revenue recognized from that
contract in the taxable year. The product shall be added to the products for each launch contract for
which the taxpayer recognizes revenue in the taxable year the sum of which shall be the numerator of
the mileage factor.
Mileage factor denominator. The total revenue recognized from all launch contracts during the
taxable year shall be the denominator of the mileage factor.

Not sure what all that blather says, but I’m sure it can’t be good.

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  • FelixA9

    Pardon my French but fuck California. They’ve never seen a Golden Goose they wouldn’t try to strangle.

    • George McCary

      19 of my 64 years on this planet were spent in Cali. I miss my friends, really miss the weather, miss the scenery, miss good Mexican food .However I don’t miss the crowds, the expense of living there, the traffic, and most of all the absolute, incredibly moronic stupidity of their politics-there is a reason it’s called the People’s Republic of CA. Lord it would improve this nation a 1000 per cent at least, if Cali left the nation.

  • 1ridder1

    This is just another money grab by CA. The legislaters have already proposed $155B in new taxes since Jan 17. For what purposes not even the taxpayer can figure out. Moonbeam and cronies have raped this state at every possible time. Now 55B gas tax, increased auto registration, and no more free ride for electric vehicles. They’ve got a perpetrator lined up for a recall election, another smug AHole politician who just got elected and won by a slim margin. First victim on the recall of the illegal tax.

  • Nick Gaston

    The real winner, from this? Boca Chica, Texas.

    • markus baur

      sorry no .. you cannot launch to polar or retrograde orbits from texas

      the funny thing is that they try to stick it also to US government launches – point three .. i cant think that will stand

      • FelixA9

        One surely could from Hawaii. (I’d suggest Oregon or Washington but they’re damn near as bad as California anymore. Come to think of it, Hawaii probably isn’t much better.)

        • markus baur

          kwajalein – its close to the equator and has (nearly) unlimited launch azimuths

          “just” needs some major upgrades in infrastructure

        • Peter Hanely

          Headed for a polar orbit Alaska isn’t so bad, provided access to the launch site is sufficient and the weather doesn’t knock you out.

      • Scottlowther

        Sure you can launch west or south from Texas, especially if spacex nails reusable boosters. Land in west Texas or the gulf.

        • markus baur

          as long as every thinks ok – yes

          but FAA will ask, what if there is an oops?

          we are not yet at a point where we have airliner like reliabilty

        • publiusr

          Poor Sea Launch. The regulation came too late to help them. 😉

  • Michae1

    Does California recognize the metric system?

    California is a good argument for parallel universes.