Nov 092016

I can’t help but think that the list of things in the “proposed implementation” is more “hope” than “likely to come to pass.” Trump seems to not be aware that space exists and that it’s the most important, long-range thing that a President can *actually* influence via policy.

What a Trump administration means for space

As a framework, on the whole it sounds pretty good. Whether or not it’ll come to pass… shrug.

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  • thingytest 3

    I hope Trump likes SpaceX and Tesla – but then again, Elon Musk was quite opposed to a Trump presidency (according to a quick google search). A Trump-mandated cut to COTS (purely out of spite? Or is Trump a better businessman than that?) would be… undesirable.

  • thingytest 3

    Xi Jinping spoke to a pair of Chinese astronauts (no, I will not call my country’s astronauts “taikonauts” – sounds silly) on Sky Palace 2 (for a flying can with experiments, an ostentatious but poetic and well-chosen name to be sure) yesterday. I can’t help but feel that the Party botched the PR value of the chat by having those involved speak in a gruff, report-giving tone more suitable to responding to a drill sergeant. It’s a point of national pride, for crying out loud! Do some outreach! I love the space program and all, but seriously, they could’ve done better on the PR front.

  • Garrai

    The U.S. has a manned space program? GTFOH — quit playin’ with us!

  • publiusr

    This is the name I hear being floated–Bridenstine

    I don’t look for SLS to be canceled. Sessions and Shelby won’t let that happen. Sessions–an Alabamian–may be Secretary of Defense. Maybe a new brance of the Service–a US Space Force–can be had.