May 312016

So, the kid climbs into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnatti Zoo, gets dragged around by one of the gorillas, who gets whacked by the zoo personnel in order to save the kid. There is a whole lot of stupid to go around here… the zoo that made an enclosure easily breached, the parents who couldn’t or wouldn’t keep track of their kids. Lots of stupid, but little actual humor. In the end, the basic story is jsut sad… the gorilla pretty much *had* to die once it started dragging the kid around, but the kid didn’t *have* to be in the position to be dragged around. Stupid. Not funny.

But right on schedule, leave it to politically minded idiots to inject humor into the situation. Gentlemen, behold:

Killing a gorilla to save a ‘white boy’ was a ‘racist’ move, according to outcry

The Twitterstorm of racist dumbassery includes:

And there are a great many more in this vein. That in and of itself is funny, in a kind of predictably sad, pathetic way. But you know what brings the story to the point of high comedy? Here’s the kid and his parents:

Now, I admit that I’m not as “awakened” or “enlightened” to racial issues as many people, but there seems to be something here that makes me scratch my head in confusion about this white kid.

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  • Edohiguma

    We need to stop saying “How stupid can you be?” because clearly far too many people see it as challenge.

    • Scottlowther

      If only there was a way to convince people that the Stupidity Challenge involved hopping a one-way flight to Somalia or Sokovia or someplace they couldn’t find their way home from.

  • Bob

    Ya big monkey.

  • sferrin

    Hey, nobody ever said BLM had any IQ points in their gene pool.

  • xvdougl

    Nothing quite like the rush to judgment on social media.

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  • Iek7

    White boy? He looks like Afroamerican boy. Political correctness are under way.

    Stupid parents? Yes, they are.
    Gorilla kiliing? Yes, it is must be to safe life of the boy (if he’s life was in real danger).

    Problem. How to save animals in ZOO from stupidity of visitors?

  • Bruce

    Gorillas and orangutangs seem more docile to be around and work with where chimpanzees from what I’ve heard about and seen on video and such they seem to be a more questionable breed
    as far as behavior goes. It’s a shame they didn’t have a tranquilizer that would have acted faster

    instead of killing the poor animal.In my opinion I think that he was just being instinctively protective of the boy and really not try to hurt the boy because if the gorilla really wanted to do

    the boy any harm,it would have.