Dec 302015

A NASA illustration (probably from 1964-66) showing the Saturn launch vehicles planned for the Apollo program. Note that the Saturn Ib shows the Lunar Module ascent stage, sans descent stage. This could have led to some interesting mission possibilities.


The full-rez scan has been made available to APR Patrons in the 2015-12 APR Extras Dropbox folder. If you’d like to help out and gain access to this and many other pieces of aerospace history, please check out the APR Patreon.


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  • John Nowak


    I just finished reading a 1964 novel, The Pilgrim Project, which opens with the Apollo 3 mission which involved a crewed Apollo in LEO docking with a LM target.

    Maybe if they had added that to Apollo 7 there would have been less trouble.

    • Chris Jones

      The LM wasn’t available until Apollo 9 (March 1969). Apollo 7 flew in October 1968. Of course, writing in 1964 those dates were expected to be sooner.

      What trouble are you referring to? Most of the “trouble” on Apollo 7 was between ground and space, so giving the crew more room doesn’t seem to do anything to help on that front.

  • James

    Wonder if there are any designs from before Apollo when they had a more steady over time idea for getting to the moon with hundreds of people, stations, etc.