Dec 292015

Remember the spoiled rich kid who got drunked up, killed four people on the road, and got sentenced not to prison but to probation because he suffered from “affluenza?” Remember how a few days ago he and his mother vanished, violating said probation and causing the authorities to start a manhunt to find him? Well, they found him, down Mexico way.

That’s nice and all, knowing that he will be extradited back to the US and will face ten years in prison. But what will really put a smile on your face is this photo of Ethan Couch released by the Jalisco state prosecutors office:



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  • mzungu

    Should really send him back to Mexico to serve out his sentences….

    • sferrin

      It’s a shame they couldn’t send the corrupt judge to Mexico to serve out a decade or two. “Affluenza”? YGBSM!

  • Probably not a good plan for a gringo, and a documented affluenza suffer at that, to try hiding out in Mexico, just sayin’. Wonder what happens to mom (aiding and abetting a fugitive, unlawful flight, etc.)

    • publiusr

      I’ve seen footage of young kids there with knives cutting the pants off a hapless man. They weren’t trying to hurt him. They just knew what throw-away wallets and money belts were. The walking piranhas had him pants-less in moments. Masterfully done I must admit.

      A lot of girls come out of TENANCINGO, TLAXCALA, where young boys are taught to be pimps–it is cultural. Trump was right.

  • xvdougl

    A giant margarita blender comes to mind.