Apr 292014

So there I was, wandering a convenience store today. I saw someone out of the corner of my eye, but kept walking. I stepped up to an employee who was looking in the general direction of where I’d just come. So I asked her:

“Does that grown-ass woman standing directly behind me have a babies pacifier in her mouth?”

As it turns out… yes.

Ah, the glorious spectrum of humanity…

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  • Dave

    “convenience store”

    You misspelled “Walmart”

    • Anonymous

      Nope. A 7-11-type gas station/junk food place.

  • se jones

    As I understand it, the pacifier is “Ecstasy chic”. When on a buzz, the uses tend to grind their teeth excessively so sucking on a pacifier at parties became a de ‘regular’ status symbol and social indicator.

    • Anonymous

      As Dr. Venture did when your avatar, Brock Samson, had to pull him out of a rave…