Apr 272014

For the past few days, the goofy things said by Cliven Bundy on the subject of race have been the Big News. But he has suddenly been wiped off the news-radar by the racist things said by L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. But here’s the big question on both news items:


C’mon. Seriously. A few private citizens are racist. SO WHAT. They aren’t elected officials, cops, soldiers, bureaucrats or any other type of person in a position to use the force of law to mess with people based on their racism. hell, in the case of Sterling, he apparently pays a sizable number of people he doesn’t like a whole lot of money. It is, indeed a triumph of the market system over both government force *and* racism… he employs the people he thinks are best for the job.

As I type this, CNN is devoting half an hour to Sterling and his racist comments. Sure, it’s nice to see them reporting on something other than a Malaysian jetliner that apparently got snapped up by a black hole… but is this really the biggest news story going today? How about the Russians and Ukraine? How about Dragon/Falcon 9 (just *try* to imagine an alternate reality where the recent flight drew as much media attention as Bundy & Sterlings comments)? How about the anti-vaxxers bringing back measles? Nope. Not newsworthy. Indeed, there is so little news in the world today that you get paid opinion-blatherers on the Washington Post posting hyperbolic pearl-clutchery such as:

the horror of Bundy’s comments

“Horror.” You read that right, kids. Some old guy yammering incoherently, saying things that numerous black commentators actually agree with (if not the wording), produces “horror.” Quick! To the fainting couch!!

Something that does not surprise me: in the bulk of the reporting about Bundys comments, he is linked to Republicans/Tea Partiers/Right Wingers who supported his cause *before* his comments. But even though they are fleeing him like rats leaving a sinking ship, you can bet that any Republican who supported Bundys cause will be tarred with his words come election time. But also unsurprising: I’m not seeing much in the major media about Sterlings politics. I wonder why that might be? Hmmm

Granted, it’s not much… a few thousand dollars worth of donations some years ago. But as we’ve recently discovered, one single $1000 political donation is enough to define a person and, if need be, ruin their career.

Interestingly, the President of the United States was able to take time from his latest round of golf to wade in on the issue of Sterling.


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  • BabsJK


    They do it every time — whenever a high profile public figure is
    caught uttering racist comments, or a whenever a sociopath commits mass
    murder, the entire right wing media machine immediately starts searching
    through public records to see if that person ever, in his or her entire
    life, donated to a Democrat or registered as a Democrat in an election.
    And if they find what they’re searching for, they immediately start
    ranting in unison that the person in question is proof that the “real
    racists” or the “real psycho killers” are actually, yes, liberals.

    You can set your watch by this childish behavior. And when Clippers owner Donald Sterling was exposed as a racist, he became the latest example. From National Review right on down to the scummiest wingnut hate blog, they all
    fell into line and began parroting this nonsense, because someone dug
    up a handful of contributions to Democratic politicians in the early

    And as usual, the right wingers have egg on their faces again — because it turns out Donald Sterling is a registered Republican.



    The point of making Sterling out to be a “liberal,” of course, is to
    perform the strange right wing ritual known as “I know you are but what
    am I?” in retaliation for their hero Cliven Bundy being exposed as a
    racist. But anyone with more than two brain cells can see the huge
    difference in these two cases: the right wing turned out en masse
    to support Cliven Bundy and praise him as a hero of the conservative
    movement, while no liberal or Democrat has uttered a single word of
    support for Donald Sterling.

    But one thing is guaranteed — the next case of racism or violence
    that comes up, these deeply dishonest people will just start the same
    process all over again.

    • Anonymous

      > while no liberal or Democrat has uttered a single word of
      support for Donald Sterling

      And that, right there, is a *blatant* out-and-out *lie.* Ask the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP… who were about to give Sterling a “lifetime achievement award.” Unless it is your position that the LA-NAACP is somehow loaded to the gills with Republicans, you are left with the fact that a group that has in recent decades been quite liberal/Democrat has been quite will to sing Sterlings praises.

      > the next case of racism or violence
      that comes up, these deeply dishonest people will just start the same
      process all over again.

      You mean the asshats who pop up every time there’s a public act of violence and blame it on right wingers, tea partiers, etc? Like a year ago at the Boston Marathon, when these folks automatically assumed that the bomber would be a right winger PO’ed about taxes or some such? Yeah, keep farkin’ that chicken, dude.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that is one epic knee jerk.

    • Rick

      because all the “cracker” stuff don’t count. And all those who supported gun runner Sen. Yee don’t count. Cuz Dems and liberals never do anything like that.

  • Rick

    would have liked to see the President weigh in on the corruption and hypocrisy of the rabid california gun control lobby in his own party. Forgot about Yee, apparently.

    Racism is the first stage of an attack. remember under Clinton EVERY group of concerned citizens was a “right wing white supremacist group. Even “militias” run by native americans, recent asian immigrants an african american students.

    the second stage is an accusation of “child molestation” because no one can defend that sort of thing.

    this is why there will be no “popular revolution”. Anything that becomes even remotely threatening, just add “terrorist” “racist” and “pedophile” to the accusation.

    Real revolution won’t be carried out by anyone who’s afraid of character assassination.