Dec 302013

McDonnell-Douglas concept art of their briefly studied Advanced Technology Bomber design.

Everything I have on this, including some very reliable diagrams, is in US Bomber Projects #05. If you’d like to download the full-rez version of this (3000 pixels wide), it is available HERE. To access it, you’ll need the username and password given in the “USBP05 extra content” section on the first page of USBP #05.

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  • Anonymous

    What is the *link* for “USBP05 extra content”? I’m not seeing it in any emails or in the issue itself.

    • Anonymous

      Click on the “available HERE” in the post.

      • Anonymous

        Okay, I was thinking you meant something in addition to the photio, like some of the addon PDFs you’ve had in the past.

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  • Jim R.

    Purchased U.S. Bomber Projects #5. Happy New Year, Scott. Hope you’re feeling better.