Sep 302013

I’d bet good money that this would rake in a *lot* on ebay.

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  • Cthell

    Is that the largest example to date of zero-G fabrication? that’s got to look odd in the history books…

    • publiusr

      I’m still waiting for the day someone puts an AMT Enterprise model kit out of an airlock in front of a camera.

  • philot

    Seems like find bespoke craftsmanship like that is more the purview of etsy. (That’s a poke at etsy, not Karen).

    Scrimshaw or carving would fit more with the naval tradition, but I can see why those would be ruled out in zero-g. One could still do knotwork.

    • Anonymous

      > more the purview of etsy

      If the maker was making a number of ’em, and the market price was understood… sure. But this is likely something of a one-off with an unknown market value.

      Would be interesting to see stuffed critters made on orbit out of, say, Nomex or even asbestos: when finished, de-orbit them, see if they survive re-entry. Landing speed would of course be safely low. So maybe de-orbit them over populated areas for people to find. Of course, publicize it… this might be a way to spur interest in space.

      For de-orbiting, I’d prefer the use of a rotating tether. Put together a hundred kilos of stuffed space-critters (that’d be a lot of ’em) and toss them down at once, while at the same time tossing *up* a 100 kilo smallsat of some kind. Heck, double down on it: 500 kilos of space critters going down, while 500 kilos of extreme skydiver in a MOOSE being tossed up. At apogee, the skydiver fires a retro-rocket and plummets from, say, 400 miles up. Someone get Richard Branson on the phone…