May 102013

Today was another exciting day of being uncomfortably sick. But it ended on a note of holocaust, so that was a mood-brightener.

About ten miles south of here, sometime prior to sunset some fire department or other decided to set fire to the swamp. This sort of thing is reasonably common out here, in a way… farmers generally burn off their fields. But this fire was *vast* in comparison. The photos below do a remarkably poor job of getting across the scale of the event, since there were few things to give a sense of scale to the flames.

Dsc_6325 From my back yard it looked impressive enough, but even though ill, I decided to hop in the car, get a better look and have a fabulous evenings apocalypse.

Dsc_6716 Dsc_6704 Dsc_6700 Dsc_6668 Dsc_6604 Dsc_6567 Dsc_6528 Dsc_6538

Like an idjit, I forgot to take the tripod. So as the evening wore on and the sky darkened, the photos got progressively shakier.

Dsc_6852 Dsc_6861 Dsc_6846 Dsc_6813

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