Feb 152013

Another vid of the Russian meteor, with *real* powerful (i.e. physically damaging) sonic boom:

[youtube K0cFOIoITW4]

This one was taken almost directly underneath the burst. After the BANG, you can hear secondary explosions as the meteor continues to break apart.

[youtube C9TWZ82zqJY]

Another one where the boom trashes the local environs:

[youtube XIAm5hq8WWc]

Inside an industrial building:

[youtube bvJKoQE8uwE]

A whole bunch of amazing photos and videos are posted HERE.

In this shot, it passes overhead at about 41 seconds. Watch the shadow of the building. Holy CRAP that was bright!

[youtube Qin41lP9r2U]


I think we’re lucky nobody in the Russian strategic missile forces started stabbin’ buttons. That thing *had* to have been in the numerous-kiloton (yield) range. Actually, I’m thinking this might’ve been megaton, based on how far the damage was spread around.

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