Jan 312013

When Crime Pays: Prison Can Teach Some To Be Better Criminals

“On average, a person can make roughly $11,000 more [illegally] from spending time in prison versus a person who does not spend time in prison.”

A show of hands: who’s shocked?

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  • B-Sabre

    I’d file this in the “This is news!?!?” category. The Israeli’s figured the same damn thing out for themselves – when they locked up the juvenile rock-throwers in the same detention camp as the hardened Palestinian terrorists, all they ended up doing was providing the undergraduate class for Hamas U.

    There’s a reason that in military prisoner-of-war camps they segregate the officers from the enlisted men – and its only partly ideas about “class”.

    One thing that probably leads to more recidivism is the population is the sheer number of obstacles we put in the way of people who have “paid their debt” to society – everything from getting a job to not being able to vote or bear arms. Put enough of that in their way, and is it a surprise that they go back to crime?

    There is a hard-core criminal element. Those we can lock up and throw away the key, and never look back. But locking a one-time offender in the same population as career criminal is just asking for it. We need a way to separate the sheep from the wolves, so to speak.