Dec 312012

Well, at least he’s honest:

Let’s Give Up on the Constitution

Where the opinioneer recommends that the US abandon the rule of law, and just do whatever the hell the people in charge want to do, Constitution be damned.

This is a common enough view on the part of many who Demand Change… banning guns (in violation of the 2nd Amendment) or banning this-or-that religion (in violation of the 1st Amendment) or requiring this-or-that religious belief be jammed into schools (again in violation of the 1st Amendment) or numerous other proposed changes. While these changes may be valid, we *do* have a process in place: if you want to ban assault weapons, it’s straightforward to do it legally: pass an Amendment that negates the existing 2nd Amendment. We’ve done that many times since the Constitution was originally enacted. That’s the process. That’s the law. The desire to bypass that is just downright… unAmerican.

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  • Bob

    I thought we already had.

  • Herp McDerp

    Shut up and obey your Betters, peasant.

  • For a professor of Constitutional law, he seems utterly clueless of the purpose of the constitution – any constitution – and the contemptuous of the rule of law vrs the rule of the mobs moderated whims (I.E. what destroied the old democracies of antiquity, and made folks certain the US couldn’t last as a mere constitutional democracy.).

    Even when the right wing nuts slander the NYT for being at core anti-american, and hostile to the basic principles and values of the country — I never heard them suggest the NYT would advocate eliminating the rule of law completely in favor of mob-ocracy. guess they wern’t cynical enough.