Oct 292011

Compilation: 40 Examples of OWS Violence, Perversion, and Anti-semitism (With Pictures, Videos)

These people claim to represent “the 99%.” Do they represent you? They sure as hell don’t represent *me.*

In contrast, the Tea Partiers, who were pretty much universally dumped on by the media as “astroturf” or “racists,” never seemed to produce such stellar examples of scumbaggery as the fleabaggers seem to have in abundance.

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  • Brianna

    I think the worst sign I ever saw from a tea partier was one that called the Obama health care plan “white slavery,” and a couple others that made black/white references which, while not actually racist, were in moderately bad taste and were unwise under the circumstances. Then there were a few truthers and some more birthers, but those were just stupid, not offensive. As for anti-semitism on the right, you really only see it with some of the ron paul nuts whose ranting about “bankers” sometimes slips into ranting about “Jewish bankers.” But those libertarians tend to lean more left, anyway.

    • Jordan

      His sign should have said “Black Slavery.”

  • Thanks for the link. Can you imagine if the Main Stream Media actually reported this stuff?

    • admin

      > Can you imagine if the Main Stream Media actually reported this stuff?


      I can imagine faster-than-light drives, wormholes, quantum teleportation and time travel, but the current main stream American media reporting the facts WRT the actual causes of our economic woes and just how goofy and disturbing the fleabaggers are? No, that stretches willing suspension of disbelief past the breaking point.

    • Jordan

      They won’t because it doesn’t make them money. I think 99% of this country really doesn’t give a crap about OWS.

  • Jordan

    It’s sad that these “protesters” claim to represent 99% of this country.

    If they were actually protesting against something rather than occupying space, then they might be a force to reckon with. Right when we started to hate Wall Street, these idiots had to come along.

  • Tom

    I don’t support OWS or the Tea Party, since they are movements based around anger. History and Star Wars have taught that movements that have anger at their core generally lead to very bad outcomes.

    • Brianna

      What about the American Revolution? Do you view it as based on anger as well? Do you think it had a bad outcome? There are certainly things that tea partiers are angry about, but to claim that anger is the group’s core motivation is a very simplistic and incomplete analysis.