Aug 202011

After looking over the responses (blogpost comments & emails) to my recent call for help regarding advertising, a few things *kinda* stand out:

1: The bulk of advertising suggestions are for web advertising rather than magazine

2: My website sucks in terms of layout and accessibility

3: I should sign up for Facebook and/or Tumblr and/or Twitter and use social media to Get The Word Out.

OK. Taking them in order:

1: I still think print ads make sense… I suspect there’s a disconnect between people who read magazines and people who surf the web. Shrug.

2: Yes, indeed it sucks. It’s the very lamest in late 1990’s web scribbling technique. So, here’s what I’m proposing… yet another contest. One hundred dollars ($100.00) in downloads- cuz I’ve got stuff more than I have money – to whoever cobbles together a set of webpages to replace the current pages. What I guess I’d need is a new front page and a page replicating the Drawings & Documents and/or the APR pages. These pages would need to include everything the current pages do… all the data, and of course they’d need to be able to be updated *by* *me.* As for the individual product pages, I’m planning on switching to linking to individual blog posts for each product, as demonstrated by my recent posting of a number of the Air Drawing sets. I’ll add the submissions to my website, and, assuming that I get a number of good ones, I’ll let all y’all decide which is the best layout.

3: Meh. I suppose I gotta. I’ve avoided Facebook for all the reasons laid out on the “South Park” episode, and I’ve always seen Twitter as being basically this:

But… I guess I’ll break down and sign up for ’em. Several suggestions were to set up some sort of group or something, and dump a bunch of aerospace images on it with links back to, and hope that they go viral. Well, I guess it’s worth a shot.

But if I get sucked into some horrible vortex of time-wastage…

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  • viesturs

    Concerning the third point, my I suggest adding Google+ to the list. Many geekish types, myself included, seem to prefer it greatly over the Facebook.

    And, to keep things in logical order, jumping to the second point, are you looking for s redesign (html/css only) or for some deeper change? You are currently running on shared hosting with PHP, right?

    • admin

      > are you looking for s redesign (html/css only) or for some deeper change? You are currently running on shared hosting with PHP, right?

      Ummm…. huh? Once more in English, please?

      I update the HTML code using Notepad, then save as a .htm file, then upload via FTP. That’s about as deep into this as I get.

      • viesturs

        OK, I was just wandering of what type is your web hosting solution in case you were aiming for some more extensive functional changes like some kind of dynamic content or custom web shop for your stuff.