Aug 152011

At the end of the 1950’s, the future of aviation was to be the supersonic transport. In order to get there, Convair suggested that their Mach 2 B-58 “Hustler” bomber be converted into testbeds for SST technologies and operations. Several aircraft were designed, from pure test aircraft to planes designed for combined passenger transport and recon… all the way to a Mach 3 transport capable of carrying 135 passengers 4000 miles.

This book describes these designs, and is richly illustrated with contemporary and modern diagrams and full-color photos and artwork.

Article 35, “B-58 Derived SSTs,” is available in three forms. It is available in printed through Magcloud ($13.00 plus shipping):
It is also available for purchase directly from me as a downloadable PDF ($4.00):

And now for the first time, it is available in both printed and digital form through MagCloud ($15.00 plus shipping):

I’ve never done this last option before, so… let me know how it goes!

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  • kbob42

    In for One!

    • kbob42

      Looked at the digital print on my tablet and it looks pretty good. I especially liked that on the last page it said that it was printed for me. Now I need to go and look at the other prints that I have received from MagCloud and see if they have the same.

  • tps

    Payment incoming!

  • how much for a CD and postage?

  • how much for a CD and postage oin the B-58 and SST material?

  • admin

    I don’t do CD’s anymore. They’re like 8-tracks and Betamax: their day is over, and the market for ’em doesn’t support ’em anymore.

  • JimK

    I ordered the print with the “free” digital version. Downloaded it successfully. The booklet is nicely put together and the artwork by De Chiara and Santiago is a big plus.

  • JP

    Nice looking vehicles

  • JP

    Who is doing the artwork? Are these all originals just for this book? Michelle might be interested for some for the X-15 history book.

  • Deep Beam

    Just placed my order for the print version – this part of aviation history is new to me!

  • Phil

    I got my hard copy. The print quality is very good. I think the weight of the paper is appropriate. This is a very nice addition to my library.

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