Nov 262011
Short form: French-only speaking will be “encouraged” in Montreal schools by representatives of the government.
Of course, in the US, local state and federal government representatives bend over backwards to spend taxpayer dollars to make sure that *nobody* ever has to sully their tongue with the English language, and yet still rake in all the free bennies.
A nation has the right to encourage the continuity of its own language and culture. But somehow that simple fact never seems to apply in the US.
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Nov 262011

In order to launch something as big as a solar power satellite into orbit, you need to have big rockets. And few were bigger than a conceptual design produced at NASA-JSC in 1976. Two similar but differently-sized vehicles were considered. The basic layout was of a simple two-stage vehicle; both stages would be ocean recovered and reusable. The upper stages of both were oxygen/hydrogen. The first stages used either LOX/RP-1  LOX/propane in the first stage.  The smaller vehicle had a payload of 454 tons (998,800 pounds), while the larger vehicle had a payload of 907 tons (1,995,400 pounds).

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Nov 252011

Juuuuuust about there. The big article this time is on the Lockheed STAR Clipper and descendants; it runs about 90 pages, and has approximately half a page of text yet to finish, plus adding in the references. The article on F-23 antecedents/descendants is done… but I’ve got some color artwork coming in from an artist, should be here in a few days. I was hoping to have the issue wrapped up this weekend, but it’s looking like it’ll be early next week. After editing and all, it looks like this issue will be in the area of 140 pages.

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Nov 252011

OK, I think there’s a good reason why the Amazon search boxes and ads don’t show up for some people (as discussed HERE and HERE):
Ad Blockers.
It seems ad blocking software/plugins don’t like the Amazon search widgets, and eliminate them prior to appearing on your screen.

If you’d like to use the Amazon search box link from my blog, it seems you’d have to disable blocking on

Possible alternative: a text link straight to, linking through my account. Immediately below there should be a hyperlink in the form of the word “LINK:”


If you don’t see the “LINK” above… then I guess adblock takes out text links, too.

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Nov 252011

According to a few commenters in this thread, apparently some people cannot see the search boxes that I posted… just empty space. So, here are two different search boxes:

1) the larger one:


2) the smaller one:


If you can’t see one or the other, please let me know via commenting. It might help explain why there’s been a dearth of activity on my Amazon account… but there’s been *some,* so clearly some people can see it.

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Nov 242011

It would seem that the annual orgy of spending is upon the western world again. I’m given to understand that is having a bunch of sales; thus I recommend that if you’re going to do some shopping for stuff, you at least look there… and you start your looking through the search box below.

Support the cause!

Here’s an example: the Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray trilogy, normally over a hundred bucks, on sale for less than $50.

And eleven bucks off “American Secret Projects: Fighters,” which i highly recommend.

And eighteen bucks off “Secret Aerospace projects of the US Navy,” another book I *highly* recommend:

And eleven bucks off “Secret Projects: Flying Wings and Tailless Aircraft,” which looks good (but I haven’t seen myself):

And, sure, why not:

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