May 312011

Raedthinn largely just wants to be left alone (he seems to be taking over for the late lamented Koshka in this regard). Buttons, on the other hand, wants to have fun. And part of having fun is play-fighting with other cats… which means sometimes Raedthinn. Raedthinn is perfectly capable of beating the tar out of Buttons; I’ve seen him bodily hurl Buttons halfway across the room (and boy, is that one surprised cat). But mostly he’s pretty inert.

Which just seems to drive Buttons even more buggo.

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May 312011

A three-view of the Martin Model 313 “Submaster,” XP7M-1, from 1956.  This was to be an “open ocean” anti-submarine patrol plane; it would operate well out at sea, refueling and reprovisioning from ships. Sadly for fans of flying boats, the whole idea of the flying boat was falling out of favor by this point, and the role was eventually filled by the land-based Lockheed P3 Orion.

And here it is again, cleaned up in glorious black and white:

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May 312011

You may notice that the ads have been replaced with “The webpage cannot be found.” This is related to an email I just got: “Your Google Adsense account has been disabled” for “invalid click activity.” No further data was provided, but I gather than this means somebody sat there and repeatedly clicked away on an ad. I guess.  If that was you, and if the ads come back… don’t do that.

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May 312011

After a few missed or flubbed photographic opportunities for evening rainbows… this time I think I nailed one:

And have you ever seen a rainbow shoot out of a horse’s ass? No you have not. But now you can say that you have!

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May 302011

West of Denver, just past the first hogback of the Rocky Mountain Foothills, is “Dinosaur Ridge.” An exposed slab of sedimentary rock, tilted up prit near 90 degrees, is liberally covered with dinoaur footprints.

In this panorama, the main display is visible about 3/8 of the way across from the left.

Used to be, back when I lived in the area (more’n a decade ago), you could drive right on up the road and take a look. Now the road is blocked off with gates. You can walk up it or bike up it, but no cars. Kind of a pain in the keister.

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May 302011

A second piece of art depicting a seaplane variant of the Martin B-51. This time the fuselage mold line was little changed from the baseline aircraft. Instead, hydroskis were depicted to aid in takeoffs and landings from the surface of the water.

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May 302011

Now available… the “C-21 Dragon Assault Ship” model that I mastered for Fantastic Plastic. All assembled and painted, it looks friggen’ AWESOME.

Good, good….

Let the funds flow through you!

This is by far the most complexicated model kit that I’ve mastered, but from the looks of it, it was worth the effort. Now if it turns out that THIS was what was used to insert the SEALs into Casa Del bin Laden…

Even at 1/144 scale, it’s a substantial kit.

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May 302011

For some years I’ve posted updates about new products (Aerospace Projects Review, aerospace documents & drawings, Justo Miranda’s publications, etc.) by email to customers and those who have requested to be added to the list. Recently, the system I’ve been using – blind carbon copying a whole boatload of email address – has become troublesome and unweildy. So I’ve just signed up for the “icontact” system to manage these email updates.

If you want to be added to the email list you have to sign up. All that’s required is that you add your email address in the box below and hit “submit.” You won’t receive any emails apart from the subscription confirmation (it’s free, by the way) and any updates I send out. Your email address won’t be visible to others.


Email Marketing You Can Trust

PS: If someone signs up for the mailing list via the link above, I’d appreciate it if you could comment and let me know if it all went smoothly or if there were any troubles.

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May 292011

 As built, the Martin B-51 had a pretty unusual layout. But Martin designers couldn’t leave well enough alone… they designed a flying boat version which required some substantial changes to the layout. Most importantly, the underslung engines were relocated to the upper side of the fuselage.

To aid in water landings & takeoffs, the landing gear was either deleted or replaced with hydroskis or “hydro-sleds.” The version shown here used a more or less conventional flying boat hull, with no landing gear at all.

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May 292011

This AM I sent out an email to my mailing list of people interested in APR and other stuff on Sadly, shortly thereafter my email service was cut off. Apparently the mailing list was long enough that Earthlink decided that it was spam.

So, one of a few things might happen:

1) In a day or three service will be back up and running as normal

2) My email might get cut off permanently.

If #2, that means I’ll need to get another email service, with a new email address. Wunderbar.

In either event, I’ll need to come up with some other way to send out the rare  message to a large number of people on a list. Anyone have any suggestions? If I don’t send you an email, or your emails to me bounce… well, you’ll know why.

NOTE: I have a backup email, which will either be turned into The Official Business Email if things turn out ok, or will become The Official Everything Email if they don’t:

scottlowther AT up-ship DOT com

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