Oct 302010

Some photos from the past two days. Note: not my hand.

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Oct 292010

In July, the Vietnam Vets of America, Quad Cities Chapter, dedicated a monument to John Baker, who was awarded a CMH for heroism in Vietnam. The top of the monument has a quite nice bronze eagle atop a stone obelisk.

The location of the monument is a bit odd… in front of the Jumers hotel and casino in Rock Island, Illinois. While I’ve little use for casinos, I must admit to some admiration for Jumers. The Illinois gaming commission has laws strictly limiting the location of casinos. I believe the law is written that only casinos “on water” are legal; the intent here was to mean that only riverboat casinos are legal.  But the “on water” wording turned out to have a loophole, which Jumers exploited: the gaming floor, as I understand it, rests on a large, flat bladder filled with water, something like 3/8″ thick. It’s not a boat, but it’s on water.


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Oct 292010

Two updates:

1) 1/72 scale confirmed, trio of booster rockets confirmed.

2) Fantastic Plastic likes the idea of using the Pluto vehicles planned launch stand as a display stand… if it can be made for a reasonable price. So I’m looking into simplifying this as much as practical.


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Oct 282010

Official: the next model that I will master for Fantastic Plastic is the Project Pluto nuclear ramjet cruise missile. The next model was *supposed* to be the “2001” Space Station V, but I’m separated from my references for that. But the Pluto stuff I have on hand.

Currently undetermined is the scale. 1/72 is the obvious choice, but 1/48 might be possible as well. Some measure of “cutaway model” will be inevitable, due to the wide open nature of the inlet and nozzle; a full cutaway with all the innards is unlikely, but possible at larger scales. If you have a preference, leave a comment.

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Oct 272010


Short form: NY City has proposed new rules that will strip citizens of their Constitutionally guaranteed protections if those citizens have a speeding ticket, or have been fired, or have had trouble with credit cards, or have poor moral character or for any other reason the NYPD might make up.



Short form: a farmer gets burgled, and whollops the crap out of one of the burglars. So, guess who’s been charged with assault.

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