Jun 302008

A commonly discussed bit of aerospace artwork is a North American Aviation painting of a scramjet-powered research vehicle that seems to bear some faint resemblance to the X-15. This is something I’ve personally been looking for more info on for some years, basically without result. All i’ve found on it is a high-quality copy of the painting itself from the Boeing archive… and a three-view of extremely dubious provenance that purports to be a 1/72 scale drawing of the beast. However, I suspect that the drawing is in fact “fan art” produced by someone looking at that same painting. Still, it’s all I’ve found.



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Jun 302008

After a long, tiring, hot and expensive day, when I was nearly home I stopped and took some photos including this one of a nearby agricultural aquaduct.


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Jun 282008

Koshka is my least photogenic cat; unlike Raedthinn or Tak, she’s not prone to silliness or looking goofy. She is generally the very model of feline dignity, and she dislikes cameras, and doesn’t like showing off.

Still, she’s got those really rockin’ laser-beam eyeballs.

img_9245a.jpg  img_9248a.jpg  img_9249a.jpg  img_9250a.jpg

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Jun 282008

Here’s a photo of the first Pluto poster test run. Two issues:

1) Too dark (easily fixed by simply lightening the image)

2) It got cropped (fixed by adding some “buffer” to the edges of the image)

Production posters should be slightly smaller  to accomodate the cropping issue.


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Jun 282008

A few APR subscribers (and former subscribers) have complained that they don’t care for the electronic version, that they liked the paper version better. Hey, I agree. I vastly prefer reading an actual paper honest-to-Odin book to text on a screen. However, confirmation that sometimes electronic is better came yesterday when I had the three most recent issues of APR printed off at a print shop. These were printed single-sided, with pages with color being printed in color, and 11X17 pages printed on 11X17 pages. Total price? More than $40. And there wasn’t even binding, never mind postage. A full years worth would, after switching to double-sided and with volume discounts, likely still cost more than $60 simply to print off.  For a while I’ve been contemplating having a few copies made of Volume 1 printed complete and bound, but with binding and whatnot, the selling price would have to be on the order of $100. And who the hell would pay *that?* Sure, it’d be more than 500 pages (damn, that’s a lot when I think about it) and probably technically worth it… but a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks.


Now, if anyone is actually interested in a bound version of Volume 1, let me know.

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Jun 262008

The next issue of APR will have an article on Project Pluto (aka SLAM – Supersonic Low Altitude Missile), a nifty and entirely evil concept for a cruise missile with a nuclear ramjet engine. A cutaway painting was commissioned from Damon Moran to help illustrate this article. But it’s so good that I’m currently planning on releasing it as a poster, in one or more formats. First, there’s the “standalone” version, which will measure 10 inches by 26 or so:


And there’s a 20X24 inch version featuring an additional inboard profile:


I’ll soon have a few test prints made, and will likely scribble all over ’em as I figure out what to tinker with. I’m currently guesstimating prices in the $20-$30 range, though smaller versions may also result. Stay tuned for more info.

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