Aug 162017

The fallout from the National Socialists Vs. Socialist Socialists kerfuffle in Virginia continues. One event was a group of people pulled down a 90+ year old statue of a Confederate soldier in Durham, North Carolina. This is one of those “yeah, but on the other hand” sort of things.

Arrests Begin Following Durham Confederate Statue Toppling

On the one hand, monuments to the Confederates are akin to the Germans setting up monuments to their wartime military. The Confederates were losers in every sense of the word… they were fighting for an immoral and fundamentally doomed cause and they were fighting a bigger, richer, more powerful and industrialized neighbor who effectively surrounded them. Even had they won their independence the CSA is unlikely to have long survived as their cultural basis was weak at best and they now had no way to retain states that decided to go their own way. And, of course, they were losers because they *lost.* Waving Confederate flags proudly always struck me as being on the same level as proudly displaying your straight-F report cards, or the arrest record of your idiot grandfather who was a drunkard and an incompetent bootlegger.

On the other hand… tearing down statues that YOU DON’T OWN is necessarily criminal. If you were to do this and get away with it – and if you read the article, there are people DEMANDING that those arrested be given amnesty – then if the statue is replaced by something you *do* approve of, then someone else can come along and tear *that* down.

But here’s the real head-scratcher – the name of the person arrested: Taqiyah Thompson.


That’s, ummm… a little strange. I’m not sure if it’s ironic or on the nose to be named after the Islamic principle that it’s ok to lie to non-Muslims for religious purposes (some claim that it’s only ok to do so when they are in immanent danger of bodily harm, but then they also claim that “Jihad” is only about a spiritual struggle within yourself, not blowing yourself and a whole bunch of innocent bystanders to bits).

Also, who is Taqiyah associated with? Why, the Workers World Party, of course! These folks aren’t “Socialist,” they are all about Marxist-Leninist Communism. Of Course they are. How adorable to complain about the evils of the Confederacy while supporting the evils of Communism, a system that enslaved and murdered many more millions than the CSA ever dreamed of.

I’ve heard a lot of hysterical screeching since January that the US today is “a lot like 1930’s Germany.” Yeah, but it’s not. A far closer analogy would be *1920’s* Germany, which saw the rise of Fascism as a response to the Communists, with street battles between national socialists and outright communists. *THAT* seems like about where we are these days. So, congrats, Workers World Party and fellow travelers: like your ancestors of 90 years ago, your idiocy has helped foster an equally idiot fascist response.

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Jul 052017


I can’t really blame the people in the video for being so twisted up. They are themselves victims… not of an evil racist America, but of a great many people – in the media, in the pulpits, in the government – who make bank off convincing people that they are oppressed, and that the way to deal with it is to keep themselves down.

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Jun 142017

The far left went buggo under Bush, but has gone truly insane under Trump. With calls for violence against “Nazis,” and redefining “Nazi” to mean anyone not on the far Left, it was only a matter of time before people like the fascists in Antifa and similar groups decided to step it up from simply assaulting people in the street to gunning people down. Well, here we are.

Lawmaker Steve Scalise critically injured in GOP baseball shooting; gunman James T. Hodgkinson dies in custody

The shooter in this case was a dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter and vehemently anti-Trumper.

And because in this era of social media Everything Must Be About Me, I found these quotes especially interesting:

I met him on the Bernie trail in Iowa, worked with him in the Quad Cities area.”

Orear described Hodgkinson as a “quiet guy” who was “very mellow, very reserved” when they stayed overnight at a Sanders’s supporter home in Rock Island, Ill., after canvassing for the senator.

Yup. Home town area. Joy.


Remember during the 2008 campaign when Jared Joughner shot and injured a Democratic Representative (and *killed* a republican judge, but never mind him), the Dems and the media went through the roof blaming it on Sarah Palin and her supposed rhetoric? it’ll be interesting to see if they do the same here. In fact, I kinda expect they will: in 2008, they blamed Republicans for violence against a Dem. Now, I expect they’ll *still* blame Republicans (specifically Trump, I’ll bet) for this violence. But even if they don’t blame Republicans specifically, they are already trotting out the “blame the inanimate object” argument. As an example, here’s the Democrat governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, informing the public that ninety-three MILLION Americans are gunned down EVERY DAY:


An interesting note: the BernieBro opened fire with a rifle (I’ve not seen a description, but probably safe to assume it’s an AR-15) and fired *many* rounds… and yet, killed nobody. He was a *terrible* shot. These socialist whackos might think they’re going to start a new civil war but, man, I don’t think it’d turn out well for ’em.


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Jun 032017

I’ve been watching the rise of Kek & Kekistan for the last several months with what can best be described as “bemusement.” If you are unaware of Kek/Kekistan… first, where the hell have you been? Second, the easiest way to think of Kek it to think back to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. FSM and the Church of the FSM were created as satire, a way to poke creationists with a pointy stick. They use they same lame-brained arguments in favor of teaching “intelligent design” by introducing a wholly ridiculous pseudo-religion that is just as valid an explanation at the traditional “creationist” explanations.

Kek/Kekistan is the same sort of idea, but instead of aimed at creationism, it’s aimed at political correctness and current Leftist extremism. The idea seemed to have arisen after it was pointed out that online trolls -specifically “sh*tposters” who tend to go after social justice warriors – qualify as an ethnic group under British law. What seems to typify Kekistanis is a willingness, nay, a gleeful enthusiasm, to poke the PC talking point of the day, to take the big scary moral panic and wear it like a party hat. The biggest symbol of this is Pepe The Frog. Originally a conventional cartoon character, it was turned into a meme For All Purposes. But since it was *also* sometimes used by members of the alt-Right, many on the far left freaked directly out and declared that Pepe was a symbol of white supremacy/nationalism. If the Left had ignored it, Pepe would have faded away. But they couldn’t let it go, so the alt-Right took it and ran with it. And now Pepe has gone through an apotheosis, turning into Kek (a frog-headed Egyptian god and symbol of the Kekistanis). This is a defining feature of the Kekistanis; the thing you freak out about the most is the thing they’re going to proudly wave as a banner. Call them Nazis and they will start waving swastikas around. Scream at them that they’re racist, and you’ll be bombarded with a million racist memes. The flag of Kekistan is now a green, modified version of a Nazi-era German military flag. The motive isn’t, I think, to actually be racist, but to irritate the hell out of the people who too easily toss such accusations about. The moment you see something and say “that’s not funny,” they’ll take it as a challenge. Too soon for Hitler jokes? Guess what’s coming.

If nothing else, Kekistan is a stellar example of basic human nature. The left demands that certain ideas, thoughts, images and symbols be never allowed. They demand that identity politics be held up as inviolable and divine. And the Kekistanis, being human, respond to such demands as the best of all humans do… with an upraised middle finger. For decades the PC brigade has used beratement and browbeating to bully people into not speaking up, and this sort of thing – and the election of the idiot buffoon Trump – is the natural response. And at least unlike the anti-Trumpers, the Kekistanis are generally funny and non-violent.

On my recent trip to the USAF Museum in Dayton, somewhere along the line I stopped and had a Kek spotting out in the wild:

The video below is a satire of the sort of thing MSNBC would put out about Kekistan. And it takes a good long while to be obvious that it’s *not* straight outta MSNBC.

Insofar as there is an ideology, it seems to be something that was virtually inevitable. For my entire adult life I’ve seen the PC fascists trying to control actions, thought and speech; the lefties should be damned grateful that the result seems to be this satirical response rather than a boot to the head.

Here’s a description of the Kekistanis from the guy who essentially created ’em, YouTuber Sargon of Akkad:

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May 252017

There seem to be two primary ways to tell if a forthcoming movie or TV series is going to be bad:

  1. The released materials – photos, descriptions, clips, trailers, etc. – just look or read as “bad”
  2. The people promoting the show start putting plans in place to downplay how awful it is, or to explain away a forthcoming disaster.

With Star Trek: Discovery, we’ve had a whole lot of #1. The disregard for established continuity, the jarring design elements, the apparent lack of any actual familiarity with Star Trek on the part of the people behind the show have led a *lot* or people to conclude that this STD is gonna burn.

But now they’re entering into Phase 2. Specifically… the “Ghostbusters 2016” playbook of “let’s blame the fans:”

Racist Star Trek Fans Decry Discovery‘s Diversity, Revealing They Know Nothing About Star Trek

Yeah, that’ll certainly help fix the problem. Someone doesn’t like your show? Call them a racist or a sexist. It worked *so* well for Ghostbusters 2016.



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May 202017

‘Clock boy’ Ahmed Mohamed will file new lawsuit after judge dismisses claims against Irving ISD, city

For those who don’t recall… Clochmed was the kid who took the electrical bits out of a commercial digital plug-in-the-wall clock and re-installed them within a nicely conductive metal case (an off the shelf pencil box, now equipped with  wall plug and exposed wiring). When he was arrested for bringing a “hoax bomb” to school (note: not for bringing a bomb… nobody on scene thought it was actually a bomb, they just assumed that it was something meant to *look* like a bomb in order to scare people), his family was able to parlay that into lots of swag, visits to the President, ill-advised compliments from people who should have known better about what a brilliant “inventor” the kid was (remember: he didn’t build the clock… he just took it out of a plastic housing and put it in a metal one), and a chance to play lawsuit lotto with the town of Irving, Texas. The family, after complaining about Clochmeds human rights being violated, pulled up stakes and moved to Qatar where their human rights are certain to be safe.

If there’s anyone about dense enough to think that*clearly* this was racism/Islamophobia on the part of the authorities in Irving, and that such a thing would never happen to Privileged White Kids, let me REMIND YOU: Pop Tart Pistols.

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May 042017

STEM is values-neutral. By that I mean, with engineering you can design a better hammer… but that hammer could be used to drive a nail to built a kitten orphanage (good), or it could be used to knock someones brains out (quite possibly bad). Here’s an example of STEM, in the form of an app developed for smart phones (themselves the result of thousands of years of STEM work), being used to promote superstitious, fictitious and malicious bullcrap:

Believe in equal pay for equal work?
Put your money where your mouth is.

In short: this app – apparently not designed in entire seriousness, but as some sort of attempt at what SJWs consider to be humor – divides a lunch bill “fairly.” Now, to my mind if a group of people go to a restaurant and want to divide the bill fairly, the easiest way would be to simply get separate bills, and each pay their own way. The guy who ordered the lobster and steak would pay more than the guy who ordered a cup of soup because he ordered the more expensive item. Simple, right? But this apps developers have different ideas. The bill is split up evenly among the number of people on it… and then the fractions are weighted based on each persons “privilege.” Using the long-discredited, yet still quite popular, delusion of the “wage gap,” the white guy is charged a buck, the black woman $0.64, and so on.

Of course, this will be perfectly “fair” for the white guy office drone out to lunch with the black female CEO…

Again, this was done as satire to teach white people that they suck and will perpetually be browbeaten over invented nonsense. But apparently the app is real and downloadable… and if recent history of apparently nonsensical stuff (and I’m looking at *you,* Nordstrom’s “muddy jeans”) teaches us anything, it’s that a whole lot pf people will willingly glom onto complete nonsense – often at considerable cost to themselves- if they think that it makes them cool, hip, popular, politically correct. People *will* obtain and use this app in all seriousness, thinking that by screwing over one person in order to make someone else feel better, they’re actually carrying out acts of “justice.” But it seems to me that what an app like this will really do is help speed the segregation process along. if you were invited to lunch with people who you knew were going to financially screw you over… would you go? I’d be brown-baggin’ it. And I’d remember that those people are *not* my friends, but are rather thieves, idiots or ideological monsters.



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