Dec 102017

So I got pretty far along with modeling when Brain 1.0 got a 1201 alarm and I had to step back from it for a bit. Now I’m back working on it. I continue to add windows and such details to the upper surface, along with fixing divide by zero errors and Einstein-Rosen bridges in the model, that sort of thing. Work continues, just not quite at the original pace.

I’ve also take a preliminary experimental stab at 2D diagrams. Let’s face it, this is a Trek ship… and you can’t have a Trek ship without a Booklet Of General Plans. The actual work on creating the diagrams won’t really begin until the modeling is done, but I just wanted to see if the rendering system could make a fair diagram from the existing model. Seems ok.

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Nov 162017

The top and middle engine loops are basically done and detailed. The bottom engine loop has been resculpted, but needs detailing. Once that’s done I’ll head back to the hull to start working on more details. The shuttlebay will almost certainly be modeled closed as at 1/1400 scale it’s really, really small. However, I’ll probably still work out the basics of it… because I want to get a 1/350 version milled out.

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Nov 152017

A while ago an ebay seller had a display model of a maneuverable re-entry vehicle, a warhead for an ICBM.There was apparently no documentation to go with it, so details are pretty much utterly lacking. Still, it does look reasonably likely to have been a “real” display model built by or for the USAF or a defense contractor. It’s simple… a cone with four sides shaved off with four added flaps for control. This basic geometry has been popular for maneuverable warhead concepts for decades; McDonnell-Douglas used a similar shape (explicitly stated as having been derived from their maneuverable MIRV studies) for their Delta Clipper SSTO, and an even closer shape for their X-33 and follow-on concepts.

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Nov 052017

Currently being sold on ebay is a display model of a missile, a “Martin ASM.” ASM almost certainly means “Air to Surface Missile,” but otherwise there’s no further info. Seller seems to think it’s related to the Assault Breaker project, but it looks vaguely like a Skybolt-ish air-launched ballistic missile.




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