Apr 232018

Ex-NFL player Jay Feely says photo of daughter, prom date and gun was “joke”

And so of course people are offended and Mr. Feely has been hectored into issuing an apology.

There is a real issue here, though. He’s posed with is pistol. It’s supposed to be a *shotgun.* Jeez, everybody knows this.


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Apr 182018

To really no surprise, Barbara Bush, wife of George HW Bush, mother to Dubya, died yesterday:

Barbara Bush, Wife of 41st President and Mother of 43rd, Dies at 92

Babs was a dignified lady, and she sounds like she was a hoot. She and GHW celebrated their 72 anniversary a few months back… and I would not be in the least bit surprised if he joins her soon.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s meet the face of the modern left wing as they deal with Barbara Bush’s passing: Randa Jararr, professor of English at Fresno State in California:





She is a *tenured* professor, which makes it quite difficult for the school to fire her (the whole point of tenure). And *should* the school fire her for her personal views, expressed on her own time and not on school equipment or systems? I believe… no. She should *not* be fired. But then, I don’t believe  that anyone expressing conservative, libertarian, scientific or Republican views should be fired either.

That said: being a publicly funded dickhole in a position to spread venomous propaganda to the generation that thinks that snorting condoms and eating Tide pods is a good idea? Yeah, there should probably be some sort of consequence. Suggestion: any parent sending their Lil Tyke to Fresno State should make sure that they don’t take any classes from Jararr.

Now, something that probably*should* result in in direct action against her and/or her bank account is a tweet should made in response to the flak she was getting. She posted her phone number in case anyone wanted to call her. Interesting, right? Except no.The phone number was actually that of the Arizona State 24-hour crisis hotline. The entirely predictable result was that the hotline was bombarded by people calling to complain to her… potentially clogging up the lines for someone who might have actually needed the service. I don’t know what if any laws that might violate, but it seems likely to be legally problematic.

Did we care about Jararr before this? nope. Doubt much of anyone had actually heard of her. And I’ve little doubt that she’ll be remembered even a few weeks from now, unless she does a masterful job of keeping herself in the news. but she is instructive about the views of many on the left: they was people who disagree with them to die, and they will celebrate those deaths. And the fact that Jararr was largely unremarkable before this is instructive: it’s not like the left was disavowing her *before* this.

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Apr 132018

Every year or two, some jackhole pops up with a claim that that Earth is about to get either a close pass or an impact by the planet Nibiru.And every time lo and behold… no Nibiru. Mostly this is because Nibiru and it’s threatening orbit are nonsense, invented and propagated by crackpots and charlatans and hoaxers.

And now that thins in the world are getting, seemingly, increasingly nutty and fearful-making… oh, goody, here Nibiru comes again to lower our collective IQ. This time it’s associated with Christian numerology and Rapture-prediction, something that worked out so spectacularly for  Harold Camping.

No, the Rapture Isn’t Coming on April 23 Because of Nibiru (Which Doesn’t Exist)

You’d *think* that such a specific claim, so often made, so often proved false, would eventually disappear. But there’s something about the concept of Nibiru that seems to appeal to whackos.

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Apr 132018

I hate to be “that  guy,” but Millenials… get it together, kids. You’re looking bad.

Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Study

41% of Millennials believe that fewer than 2 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

22% of Millennials haven’t heard of the Holocaust or unsure if they have

66% of Millenials don’t even know that Auschwitz was a death camp.

Sadly, I can’t say that the rest of the public is vastly better off, but the Millennials are distinctly worse. And then there’s this:

People should be allowed to use Nazi slogans or symbols: 15%

This is perhaps the worst example of ignorance of the bunch. Sure, the Nazis were scumbags and if you’re proudly waving a swastika because you think Hitler was Da Bomb, you’re a dumbass. But this is America, gottverdammt, and you’re allowed to wave around any Blödmann symbols you like… swastika, hammer & sickle, Little Red Book, Planned Parenthood logo, Confederate flag, what-the-frak-ever. This survey indicates that 85% of respondents have no idea what the 1st Amendment, not to mention common sense, is actually about.

But wait! There’s more!

Just 66% of millennials firmly believe that the earth is round


It’s easy to blame this level of Earth-shattering dumbth on the Millennials. But let’s face it: kids know what they’re taught. We olds of the world have clearly failed them in the teaching department. Soon these ill-educated younglings will be voting. Imagine the world they’ll create, one based on “feelings” and ignorance. Gah.


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Apr 102018

… how terrified the Mayor of London would be if he saw *me* walking down his street:

And as part of The Dark Lord High Baron Mayor of Londons effort to clean the streets of dangerous weapons, they got these:

Scissors? A file? Pliers? Really? REALLY? I carry a multitool at all times. I carry a modest pocketknife at all times. And when I go for a walk, I take a walking stick (friggen knees… bah) that I made from a garden tool handle and a hammer. And sometimes I carry concealed. Why? because I want to, that’s why, and that’s all the reason any free man needs to do anything that neither picks another mans pocket nor breaks his leg. So what is it that they have on the streets of London if not free men?




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Apr 102018

From University of California San Diego Center for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion:

Contributions to Diversity Statements

Regardless of personal demographic characteristics, UC San Diego has a strong interest in ensuring that all candidates hired for faculty appointments share our commitment to excellence, access, and Principles of Community.

All candidates applying for faculty appointments at UC San Diego are required to submit a personal statement on their contributions to diversity. The purpose of the statement is to identify candidates who have the professional skills, experience, and/or willingness to engage in activities that will advance our campus diversity and equity goals.

In accordance with APM 210-1-d, “these contributions to diversity and equal opportunity can take a variety of forms including efforts to advance equitable access to education, public service that addresses the needs of California’s diverse population, or research in a scholar’s area of expertise that highlights inequalities.”

Departments and search committees should consider a candidate’s statement as part of a comprehensive and transparent evaluation of their qualifications. For additional guidance on how to evaluate Contributions to Diversity, please contact your School’s or Division’s Equity Advisor.

Guidelines for Writing Statements

The Contributions to Diversity Statement should describe your past efforts, as well as future plans to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. It should demonstrate an understanding of the barriers facing women and underrepresented minorities and of UC San Diego’s mission to meet the educational needs of our diverse student population. See guidelines for applicants writing statements>>


One might think that this is insane. But then, please note the big background image that UCSD puts on their main webpage, http://www.ucsd.edu/. One can interpret this as either an admission that if you go to UCSD you will become a victim of tentacle, umm, assault, or as UCSD is a hotbed of intrusions into our domain of the Great Old Ones. Either way, insanity is to be expected.

Looking at the UCSD webpage for their graduate studies, they have such topics as Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Mathematics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanoengineering and Wireless Embedded Systems. I am desperately intrigued to read the loyalty oaths from the instructors here, explaining how a scholar in the field of nanoengineering or mathematics has relevant research into the area of “inequalities.” I can actually kinda see how a bunch of smartass math instructors might pull this off, with multi-page rambling and unreadable discourses on the troubles of dealing with 2+2 not equaling 5. But somehow I have the suspicion that the authoritarian assassins of joy who are behind the demands for these loyalty oaths won’t have much of a sense of humor.

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Apr 072018

He-Was-A-Good-Boy defense incoming:

Family member of teen burglary suspect killed in Wagoner County break-in speaks out

So, three teenagers carried out an armed home invasion and discovered, each and every one of them, that the liberals lie when they say that the AR-15 is not a useful weapon for home defense. All three shot, one dead. The grandfather of the dead one, rather than bemoaning the bad genetics, bad wiring or bad parenting that led to Lil Dickens deciding to take up a life of crime, is upset that the AR-15 gave the homeowner an unfair advantage.

“Brass knuckles against an AR-15, come on, who was afraid for their life,” said Schumacher.

I don’t care if they were unarmed. You invade someones home, the people who are *supposed* to be in the home have every right and every expectation to feel afraid for their lives. The train of thinking that leads a person to believe they have the right to invade someone else’s home is the same train that goes to murdertown.

Did Lil Dickens deserve to die? Perhaps not. On my evening walk tonight I saw a skunk dead at the side of the road, a victim of an automobile. Did it deserve to die? No. Both Lil Dickens and the skunk made bad decisions that put them int he wrong place at the wrong time. But the skunk didn’t know any better. It committed no crime, but the simple cause and effect of the situation did it in. The universe did not cry out, speak up, care or even notice either the skunk or the criminal meeting their ends.

Let this be a lesson: if you do something terminally stupid, you could well die and no great force is going to swoop down and protect you from your stupidity. At most Nyarlathotep may be momentarily fractionally amused.

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Mar 292018

A few years ago the cultural gatekeepers were all kinds of giddy over the book “Ready Player One.” Now it seems they are ready to hate the movie with the passion they imagine that straight white males hated Ghostbusters 2016. For example:

The Ready Player One backlash, explained

I haven’t read the book, but I’ve been bombarded with the summary: it’ the future, everything sucks, people spend their lives in virtual reality. Control over that reality will pass to whoever can win some big game; to win the player needs to be ridiculously well-versed in 1980’s nostalgia and video game nerd-dom. Seems like exactly the sort of thing for a Steven Spielberg movie. But now our cultural betters have decided that the whole premise of politically incorrect… because “Gamergate” has made gaming culture toxic.

If you’re like me, you’ve heard of Gamergate, but never really understood just WTF it was all about. As with many things these days, there seems to not be a universally agreed-upon definition. However, I recently saw this video that explains Gamergate:

Basically, Gamergate was the opening salvo in the fight back against the SJWs, though the SJW’s seem to have the upper hand in the propaganda. And consequently, if the SJWs hate “Ready Player One” for the same reason they’re bonkers about Gamergate, I think it just might be worth seeing.



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Mar 232018

I seem to vaguely recall some sort of uproar back in the day when Star Wars first came out with a G rating which then got bumped up to PG due to the violence (or something like that, it’s been a while). Then when Lucas re-released Star Wars in the 90’s, he digitally edited it so that Han didn’t straight up murder Greedo, he shot in self defense. Now, The House of Mouse is editing their own posters for the upcoming and troubled Solo movie to remove all weapons. Because none of the good guys in the Star Wars universe ever used weapons, nosiree.



You have to wonder if the eventual goal is to create Star Wars movies with *no* weapons use whatsoever, where all disagreements are settled by blue-haired SJWs sitting down at a table to discuss things, and the galaxy turns into a progressive utopia.

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Mar 202018

MIT librarian: Tech workplaces plastered with Star Trek posters, other geeky stuff is non-inclusive to women

Because this image drives women away from the tech professions:


And I suppose the following sort of Star Trek posters – most of which I admit to actually owning copies of, because they’re friggen awesome,  fight me – must be like wolfsbane to the snowflakiest of the SJW set:

Bah. Listen: if you are in the tech industry and this sort of thing offends you or disturbs you or in any way has a “negative impact on your likelihood of pursuing tech work,” consider that TECH WORK ISN’T FOR YOU.

And if you need confirmation that the subject of the post is a little on the screwy side, take a look at her blog posting, which has such nuggets of wisdom as:

Or at least, lots of the visible manifestations of culture are local. There is research that shows that workplaces that are plastered with stereotypically “tech or nerd guy” cultural images – think Star Trek – have negative impact on women’s likelihood of pursuing tech work and of staying in tech work in general or in that particular work environment. Replace the Star Trek posters with travel posters, don’t name your projects or your printers or your domains after only male figures from Greek mythology, and just generally avoid geek references and inside nerd jokes.  Those kinds of things reinforces the stereotypes about who does tech; and that stereotype is the male nerd stereotype.

Translation: Nerds: stop liking nerd stuff and being proud of your nerd-dom. Identity politics and group pride is fine, just not for you.

I also want to urge you all to pay attention to the kinds of informal socializing you do at work and in those liminal spaces that are work/social – if all the guys go to lunch together and not the women; then maybe stop doing that. And if the guys go to lunch and talk about women, then really, really, really stop doing that.

Translation: Men: stop expressing interest in women. You know, the thing that has kept the species alive.

If there’s a core group of guys who go out for beers after work just because you’re all friends, that’s kind of OK; but if you also talk about work and make decisions then it is definitely not OK.

Translation: Men: consider not having other men as friends, that’s at best “kind of OK.” But for the love of The Divine Goddess, do *not* have any interest in your career outside of work hours. I mean, come on. That’s just sense.

And then right at the bottom of her post:

Comments are currently closed.

Imagine that.

But there’s also this:

Another thing individuals can do to improve the culture and make tech more inclusive and welcoming is to be an active bystander and ally. If you see something, say something. If other men are talking over women, jump in and say “Hold on dude, I really want to hear what Cathy was saying.”

Note how she *doesn’t* suggest that Cathy needs to learn to assert herself. Assertiveness is a key to not only being heard, but to being *accepted* and *understood.* Trying to suppress discussion down to the level of the quietest, meekest member is a good way to utterly trash group morale and enthusiasm.

But I think that just might be the point.


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