Apr 212016

Russia bolsters its submarine fleet, and tensions with U.S. rise

It seems Russian attack subs are greatly increasing their patrols near Scandinavia and Scotland.

“We are not quite back in a Cold War,” said James G. Stavridis, a retired admiral and the former supreme allied commander of NATO, who is now dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. “But I sure can see one from where we are standing.”


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Apr 182016

Two hours and forty minutes of a computer generated Titanic sinking. This was created in support of a forthcoming video game. Kinda interesting (in places, anyway… I skipped ahead several times). The animators went the less spendy route of not including any panicky animated humans, so it’s just the ship.


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Apr 082016

At long last, SpaceX landed a Falcon 9 on a barge out at sea. Even better, this flight launched an inflatable “room” to the Space Station.

And the crowd goes *nuts.*

The whole webcast:

So, now they’ve gone and done it… they’ve proved that it is possible to land a rocket on a (relatively) cheap barge out at sea. Gonna make all the other rocket out there look kinda… dumb.


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Mar 192016

The Brits have themselves a new research vessel. Looks like this:

They’re holding open voting to name the ship. Some of the names suggested have been the RRS Henry Worseley and the RRS David Attenborough. But what name is winning the popular vote just now? Hmm, let’s see…

‘Boaty McBoatface’ Is Currently Leading An Open Vote To Name The New £200 Million Royal Research Ship

This is a reminder, as if it was really needed, that democracy isn’t *always* the answer. “What shall we name our ship?” “Engine #2 has burst into flames. What shall we do?” “Should we use the power of government to stomp all over such-and-such ethnic/religious/economic group?” These are the sort of questions it’s often best to *not* put in the hands of the mob.

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Dec 312015

Passengers horrified after blood seeps out of cruise ship elevator

The article is vague, but it seems that an electrician was working in or on an elevator and got squished or chopped or something. The result, as can be seen in the video, is a whole lot of blood pouring down the outside of the door.

It’s bad enough that modern cruise ships have to deal with ghost pirates and pirate ghosts, but now also ghost electricians (or electrician ghosts, I always forget how that works).


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