Nov 052016

In 1978 the US Navy began running this very successful recruitment commercial:

Navy. It’s not just a job,

It’s an adventure.

In 1979, Saturday night Live ran this parody:

Navy. It’s not just a job.

It’s $96.78 a week.

I’ve never known anyone in *any* branch of the military to say that the parody was the less accurate one. As my now rather time-dimmed memory serves, the whole nation was laughing it’s butt off back in the day.

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Oct 022016

The HSV-2 Swift was a slick catamaran built in 2002 by an Australian shipbuilder to compete in a US Navy program. It did not win, and while it was leased to the US Navy for a number of years it remained a privately owned vessel, and in 2015 was leased to the UAE’s National Marine Dredging Company.

And then in late September, some jackhole in Yemen with an anti-ship missile turned it into a flaming pile of floating aluminum rubble.



Note the repeated use of the ever present Phrase That Pays (to duck when you hear it) during the early shots of the ship on fire.

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Sep 032016

And from the looks of it, someday soon.

Drone footage showing the flood of people dying to get into the “Ark Encounter” five minutes before opening on August 28, 2016.


So what will the reworked casino/hotel version be called? “Trump Titanic II” seems obvious. TrumpTanic? Looking at the shape of the “Ark” I’d recommend making it into an Exxon Valdez tribute. Slight reworking of the island at the rear and a new coat of paint and you’re good to go.

That is one *hell* of a parking lot. The amount of carbon dumped into the air during the process of chopping down the forest, grading the terrain and laying down the asphalt, coupled with the solar radiation that will be absorbed by the blacktop and converted into straight-up heat… that parking lot alone will be responsible for the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and the flooding of Florida.

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Jul 232016

Move along, this ain’t it.

Chatsworth church builds submarine for vacation bible school

The claim: while the submarine doesn’t have an onboard nuclear reactor, the church itself *does,* and they’re working on hooking up the reactor to recharge the batteries on the sub. As to the engineering of the submarine itself:

The submarine is made of wood and covered with a fiberglass coating.

*Maybe* they’re being cute and the nuclear reactor they’re talking about is the sun, and they’re working on setting up solar panels to recharge the batteries. But the way it’s worded doesn’t really indicate that. And there’s not a chance in hell I’d put a kid on that “sub” and try to submerge it even half an inch. It looks like an ill-constructed *boat.*

So, they call it a sub, when it (apparently) is not a sub.

They say they have a small nuclear reactor, which is almost certainly untrue.

Hmm. They’re a Christian church. I’m neither a Bibleologist nor Bibleonomist, but isn’t there *something* or other in that book that speaks unfavorably about telling untruths?


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Apr 212016

Russia bolsters its submarine fleet, and tensions with U.S. rise

It seems Russian attack subs are greatly increasing their patrols near Scandinavia and Scotland.

“We are not quite back in a Cold War,” said James G. Stavridis, a retired admiral and the former supreme allied commander of NATO, who is now dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. “But I sure can see one from where we are standing.”


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Apr 182016

Two hours and forty minutes of a computer generated Titanic sinking. This was created in support of a forthcoming video game. Kinda interesting (in places, anyway… I skipped ahead several times). The animators went the less spendy route of not including any panicky animated humans, so it’s just the ship.


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Apr 082016

At long last, SpaceX landed a Falcon 9 on a barge out at sea. Even better, this flight launched an inflatable “room” to the Space Station.

And the crowd goes *nuts.*

The whole webcast:

So, now they’ve gone and done it… they’ve proved that it is possible to land a rocket on a (relatively) cheap barge out at sea. Gonna make all the other rocket out there look kinda… dumb.


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