Oct 022017

I’m constantly hearing about how Americans are too freaked out about terrorism, how Europeans have a more laid back, adult and rational response to it, how they just get on with life, don’t freak out about it. And then this happens:

Wimbledon station commuters flee train in ‘Bible’ panic

In short, some guy started reading aloud from the Bible on a British commuter train, so other passengers actually forced the doors open to get away from him.

Seems a bit of an over-reaction.

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Sep 212017

Now available: two new US Aerospace Projects issues. Cover art was provided by Rob Parthoens, www.baroba.be

US Bomber Projects #20:XB-59 Special

US Bomber Projects #20 is now available (see HERE for the entire series). Issue #20 collects all the previously published articles and diagrams of the XB-59 antecedent designs and updates them. Additionally, more antecedent designs have been included as well as several designs that followed along after the XB-59. The biggest USXP publication yet!

USBP 20 includes twenty nine unique aircraft concepts (the usual issue of USXP has eight designs) from Boeing Models 484 and 701 showing how Boeing evolved the XB-59, their competitor to the Convair B-58 “Hustler.” Beginning with subsonic flying wings, the concept saw concepts both conventional and unconventional before eventually settling on Model 701-299-1, the final XB-59 design. This issue includes a half dozen Model 701 designs that followed along after the cancellation of the XB-59 program.


USBP #20 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $8:



US Launch Vehicle Projects #04

US Launch Vehicle Projects #04 is now available (see HERE for the entire series). Issue #04 includes:

  • Space Carrier Vehicle: A US Army lunar rocket with 8 F-1 engines
  • Convair Reusable Helios: A stage-and-a-half monster with a gas core nuclear engine
  • Boeing Model 896-111: A 1980’s two stage transatmospheric vehicle
  • Project RAND Satellite Rocket 3-Stage: A 1947 satellite launcher
  • Convair Saturn V-R: An idea on how to make a fully reusable Saturn V first stage
  • Lockheed STAR Clipper: A 1968 stage-and-a-half lifting body Space Shuttle
  • Shuttle-C: The Shuttle derived vehicle design that came closest to being built
  • Titan III Growth/156-inch boosters: A more powerful version of the Titan III for Dyna Soar launch


USLP #04 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $4:


Also recommended, these previous Specials:

US Bomber Projects #14: System 464L Special

USBP#14 brings together the competitors to Weapon System 464L, the first major effort in the Dyna Soar program. These designs were previously shown individually in prior issues of USBP; here they are brought together, with some updates, as well as a few extra diagrams and a section of diagrams formatted for 11X17 printing. This issue includes info and diagrams of the Lockheed, Republic, General Dynamics, McDonnell, Boeing, Douglas, Northrop, North American and Martin-Bell entries as well as their various booster systems. Also included are detailed diagrams of the ultimate Dyna Soar design, the 2050E.

USBP#14 can be purchased for downloading for the low, low price of $6.


US Bomber Projects #16: The B-52 Evolution Special

Boeing Model 444 A: A late war turboprop heavy bomber
Boeing Model 461: An early postwar turboprop heavy bomber
Boeing Model 462: A large six-turboprop ancestor of the B-52
Boeing Model 462-5: A six-turboprop B-52 ancestor
Boeing Model 464-17: 1946 four-turboprop strategic bomber, a step toward the B-52
Boeing Model 464-18: a reduced-size version of the 464-17 turboprop strategic bomber
Boeing Model 464-25: a modification of the 464-17 turboprop bomber with slightly swept wings, among other changes
Boeing Model 464-27: a slightly-swept turboprop B-52 progenitor
Boeing Model 464-33-0: A turboprop B-52 predecessor
Boeing Model 464-34-3: A turboprop B-52 predecessor
Boeing Model 464-40: The first all-jet-powered design in the quest for the B-52
Boeing Model 464-40: The first all-jet-powered design in the quest for the B-52
Boeing Model 464-046: A six-engined B-52 predecessor
Boeing Model 464-49: The penultimate major design in the development of the B-52
Fairchild M-121:A highly unconventional canard-biplane
Convair B-60: A swept-wing turboprop-powered derivative of the B-36
Douglas Model 1211-J: An elegant turboprop alternative to the B-52
With additional diagrams of the B-47, XB-52 and B-52B

USBP#16 can be purchased for downloading for the low, low price of $6.



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Sep 182017

When your movement takes up the challenge of trashing libraries, you’ve lost the argument.

Protests over Stockley verdict leave behind property damage


Businesses in Central West End clean up after protests

The St. Louis Public Library’s Schlafly Branch had a number of windows smashed and books tossed. Not clear how much damage was done, but intentionally damaging a library is not exactly an action that has a history of glory.

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Aug 112017


some more books. As before, I’m starting off by selling these as a single lot. If you are interested, let me know via email or comment. If nobody wants the lot, I’ll start breaking it up in a day or two.

The total of all the individual books here is $116. If you want the lot, the price is $90 plus postage, which if you’re in the US, will probably be about $15 for media mail.

“Victory Through Air Power” by Seversky, 1942. Good shape, no dust jacket. $4.00

“Royal Air Force Flying Review,” hardbound collection, some exterior water stains but otherwise intact, Volume XVII, #1-12, 1961-2. $25.00

“US Fighters,” by Jones, 1975. $4.00

“Aviation, The complete story of mans conquest of the air,” by Gunston, 1978, hardbound, torn dust jacket. $3.00

“Huey,” by Drendel, hardbound, slightly torn dust jacket, 1983. $9.00

“Gunships A Pictorial history of Spooky,” by Davis. hardbound, dust jacket in good shape, 1982. $5.00

“Pedigree of Champions, Boeing since 1916,” softbound, Boeing, 1963. $4.00

“727 Fuel Burn Executive Summary,” Boeing, 1982. $6.00

“757 Tail Strike Assessment,” Boeing, 1990, $6.00

“Tail Strike Event Analysis,” Boeing, 1991. $6.00

“767 Advanced Composites,” Boeing, 1981. $6.00

” Large Jet Aircraft Operation on Unsurfaced Fields,” Boeing, 1964. $6.00

“Leading Edge Development Program,” General Dynamics, 1987. $6.00

“Status Report 707/727/737 Division -Renton,” Boeing, 1972. $6.00

“Boeing 747 Cargo and Baggage Systems,” Boeing, 1967. $6.00

“Soaring Eagles McDonnell-Douglas F-15,” by Scutts, 1990. Hardbound, great shape, $4.00

“Modern Warplanes,” by Richardson, hardbound, 1982, great shape. $4.00

“757  Facility and Equipment Planning,” Boeing, 1982 $6.00









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Jul 172017

UPDATE: books have sold.

I’m selling some books. The usual approach is ebay, but I figured I’d start here with y’all. This first group I will try to sell separately *if* nobody wants the lot of them. If you buy the whole lot, it’ll be cheaper than individually. The individual prices are based on what they seem to be going for online.

If you want the whole lot, I’m selling it for $100 (sum of the individual books, $133), plus postage. If you’re in the US, it’ll be media mail, so it shouldn’t cost too much. If you want the lot, let me know via email or comment; first come, first served.

For right now, trying to sell these books as a lot. If nobody wants the whole lot within a day or so, I’ll make them available individually.

“The High Frontier” by O’Neill, larger paperback, 1982. $15

“Colonies in space,” by Heppenheimer, larger paperback, $3.50

“The Future of Flight” by Myrabo, paperback, 1985. $3.50

“Colonizing other Worlds” by Macvey, hardbound, 1984. $7

“The Exploration of Space,” by Clarke. Hardbound, dust jacket is torn, otherwise good, 1951. $3

“The high Frontier,” by O’Neill, trade paperback, 1978, $3.50

“Colonies in space,” Heppenheimer, trade paperback, 1977. $3.50

“Space Trek,” by Glenn, paperback, 1978. $5

“Moving Into Space,” paperback, 1978. $4

“The Third industrial Revolution, by Stine, paperback, 1975. $5

“Space Shuttle,” by Kaplan, hardback, 1978. $4

“Dark Sun” by Rhodes, 1996, paperback, $4

“Fallout Prediction,” US Army FM3-22, 1973. $12

“The Constructive Uses of Nuclear Explosives” by Teller, 1968. Hardcover, no dust jacket. $60

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Jul 082017


Book-loving family in China slowly poisoned by their home library

In short: apparently the family was constantly ill, so they had the air in their home tested. It was found that they were being poisoned by formaldehyde coming off their large collection of books.

I have two questions:

  1. Do books really have that much formaldehyde in them?
  2. Couldn’t they just, I dunno, open a window or something?


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Jun 012017

Tonight I tapped out the final sentence on my tome. All told… 137,000 words, or about 450 pages in a standard novel format. Yeesh.

And then came the question… “now what.” I’m going to spend the next few months editing, which will probably mostly entail making relatively minor corrections. Then it’ll get passed on and supposedly, hopefully, read by A Science Fiction Author Y’all Have Heard Of. Hopefully he’ll not throw it in the trash. And then… who knows. Maybe it’ll be good.

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