Apr 182018

House Panel Considers Ban on Killing Dogs and Cats for Meals

In many locations in the US it is already illegal to eat cats & dogs, but this would make it illegal *Federally,* across all the US. And you know what… good.

You want to eat meat? Great. Lots of critters are perfectly cromulent meat critters. Cows. Sheep. Pigs. Fish. Chickens. Turkeys. Gators. Turtles. Crawdads. Sneks. Unicorns, if you can find one. Grasshoppers, if you’ve a mind to. But cats and dogs? Sorry, no.

Yes, yes, cats and dogs are consumed regularly in some cultures. But not *THIS* one, you mooks. If you come to the US, you come to join America and to *become* American. We are *all* about you keeping a whole lot of your home culture. It’s cool, we’re more than happy to incorporate the best bits and appropriate the parts of your home culture that are worth it. But you leave the suck stuff back there. And eating cats and dogs… stays back there.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Cats and dogs are on our team.

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Apr 172018

Holy carp this is funny. Make sure to press the number buttons as instructed.

The YouTube comments are a delight:

100 years ago kids my age were fighting in the god damn world wars and here I am playing star wars music on a frog we have reached our peak as a species

  • Person: Do you play and instrument
  • Me: Hard to explain

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 5 4 3 Jingle Bells

7 777 8 7 7 87 6 5 6 7 777 8 7 7 9 My heart will go (Titanic)

Johan Sebastian Bach Fugue D Minor: 897345956234952349765239786320089758764654564765464356436324324636346436432643576876576756576 49587634957863495786349857634295786345987635632464565673473632452354234344634634583453459834659632536523764857634857562389457238947652378465-237865238467534-05763405634569238745923876928375-69273469872345937246589732465982356756237856237845823764587236549234650983465034650347569234569237845872365487236547823654876235487623547836-2548976253496235496

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Mar 202018

Man guilty of hate crime for filming pug’s ‘Nazi salutes’

A Scottish YouTube comic trained his pug to lift it’s paw to “Seig Heil.” Not to make an actual Nazi pug, but to make a joke. As a result, he faces a year in prison. This, again, is in Britain.

Recommendation to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg: don’t go to Britain.

You’d think that, with the 1st Amendment, this sort of egregious betrayal of basic civil liberties would be impossible in the United States. You’d think. But do you want to bet on it?

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Mar 092018

Courtesy the leftie “Guardian…”

No hugging: are we living through a crisis of touch?

The fashionable freakouts over Bad Touching has led to an understandable withdrawal away from touching other human beings. Experts seem to agree that this is not only damaging to society and the psyches of adults, but it also seems to be causing *physical* damage to children.

In the UK, doctors were warned last month to avoid comforting patients with hugs lest they provoke legal action, and a government report found that foster carers were frightened to hug children in their care for the same reason. In the US the girl scouts caused a furore last December when it admonished parents for telling their daughters to hug relatives because “she doesn’t owe anyone a hug”. Teachers hesitate to touch pupils. And in the UK, in a loneliness epidemic, half a million older people go at least five days a week without seeing or touching a soul.

I hear tell that physical contact is common among humans, or at least it is so in societies that haven’t been frightened into insularity by the threat of legal action if you touch someone innocently but they don’t like it. A need for physical touch is biologically wired into the DNA not just of humans but other mammals; this was adequately and rather cruelly shown through experiments a few generations ago where baby Rhesus monkeys were taken from their mothers and given two choices: a metal wire “mother” that provided milk, and a soft cloth “mother” that did not.

Because the results of those experiments were a bit disturbing, click  to see the rest of the post and associated photos.

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Jan 242018

My plan for the first WWTDO book is to have a collection of short stories, each an incident set within the first few days of the Deep One invasion, each story being on the order of ten or more pages long. But *between* the stories I plan on including little short yarns, a page or three long, that give a chronologically sequential history of the doin’s with the Deep Ones and other relevant Lovecraftian issues. Most of these deal with the Office of Insight, giving a history of the secret government branch dedicated to studying and preparing for cosmic horrors.

I think what I’ll do is reserve the bulk of these little tales for the final book, even though I’ll probably release each of the major tales individually. So if you want the full back story, you’ll just have to get the book.

Also: the original trio of reviewers seemed to really like the historical backstory, enough so that sometime after finishing up Book 1, I’ll turn the backstory into a complete book itself. I’ve already written forty or so pages of that, set in the early 1990’s…

And after all that yammer, here are the first two of the tales. They start just after the raid on Innsmouth, and introduces some guys just doing their job who have received an unwanted introduction into a larger, weirder world. Rather than PDF or EPUB, it’s just blog-text, just click below. As always, comments, critiques and large sums of cash welcomed.

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Jan 222018

Here is the first tale from Volume One of War With The Deep Ones, “Honolulu.” It’s provided complete in both PDF and EPUB (Kindle) formats. I would be interested in any and all constructive comments, criticisms, suggestions. Feel free to spread this far and wide… any relevant people, forums, discussion groups, whatever, that you think might like this, feel free. And if you do, let me know where.

Also interested in whether you prefer the PDF or the EPUB version.

The terribly short background for this story: it’s more than a century after the events of H.P. Lovecrafts “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.” The Deep Ones – a race of amphibious humanoids (think: kinda like the Creature From The Black Lagoon, except smarter and more froggy) have finally decided that they’re done with mankind. There are a lot of them. And the vast majority of mankind is wholly in the dark. They are hard to kill, they have commitment to cause and they have shall we say patrons and allies that are just plain bad new for Mankind. On our side, we have… us. And some associates at Brass Valley…

Some of the stories will have recurring characters. Most will be one-and-done. This is about an event of global scale, after all… there would be billions of stories to tell here. I’m not going to try that hard, though.

War With The Deep Ones 1 Honolulu epub format


War With The Deep Ones 1 Honolulu pdf format

Let me know what you think. I’ll release the other stories here and probably at Amazon from time to time, for probably something like a buck or two a pop. If you are a Big Time Publisher and you read this and want to throw a gigantic advance at me and/or movie rights… let’s talk.

If you read this and enjoyed it, please consider putting a little something in the tip jar.


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