As part of the beatification process of Unarmed Teenager Mike “let’s try to take a  cops gun” Brown, a few of his supporters wanted to have a fireworks display.

Alleged plot included bombing Arch, killing St. Louis County prosecutor, Ferguson chief

Sources close to the investigation were uncertain whether the men had the capability to carry out the plans, although the two allegedly did buy what they thought was a pipe bomb in an undercover law enforcement sting.

The men wanted to acquire two more bombs, the sources said, but could not afford to do it until one suspect’s girlfriend’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card was replenished.

That’s neat.

Extra points: the two New Black Panther geniuses… one is named Muhammad, the other Ali. Float like a butterfly, sting like a mentally retarded stinkbug what thinks it’s a bee.

In a world full of Surt worshiping wackos, it’s nice to know that so many of them have almost no ability to think strategically.

What’s more: one of ‘em is one of those “sovereign citizen” goobers, and was on the receiving end of a tazer in 2013 when he refused to pay taxes on a purchase he made at a gas station. His reason? Apparently he thinks he’s a “Moorish national” and that that means he has the right to not be taxed.


And in other Incompetency News, there’s THIS.

ISIS supports Ferguson protesters: Islamic militants pledge to send over ‘soldiers that don’t sleep, whose drink is blood, and their play is carnage’

Birmingham-born jihadi Junaid Hussain, 20 – who has adopted the nom de guerre Abu Hussain al-Britani – this morning tweeted a photograph of a hand-written letter urging the Ferguson rioters to ‘reject corrupt man-made laws like democracy’

That’d be fun: actual enemy soldiers on American shores. If the fine folk of Ferguson think they have trouble with the cops *now,* just wait until it’s perfectly legal to carry out summary executions of enemy troops not wearing recognized uniforms.

Former porn star: check

Wearing a colander as religious headwear in a drivers license photo: check

Utah just sorta shrugging the whole thing: check

Utah Woman Wears Colander For Driver’s License Photo As Religious Statement


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This time in Oklahoma. But wait! There’s something a little different this time…

Stillwater man killed in near-beheading; murder charge filed

The killer, one Isaiah Marin, 21, hacked the victim, Jacob Crockett, 19, to death with a sword. Why? Because Crocketts practicing of “witchcraft” conflicted with Marin’s Christian beliefs. That whole “shall not suffer a witch to live” thing, I guess.

Nothing quite so spectacular as blending religious zealotry with drug use and batcrap insanity.

Some photos horked offa Facebook of both the victim and perp:

‘Religious zealot’ Christian student ‘decapitated 19-year-old friend because he thought he practiced witchcraft’

Yeah, yeah, yer not supposed to profile people based on their appearance… but neither one of these guys looked like winners in the game of life.

A few days ago, someone drove his car into the “Ten Commandments Monument” unconstitutionally situated on the Oklahoma capitol grounds and done smashed it up real good. The guy did it on purpose and claimed that Satan told him to do it. And thus we got headlines like this from the Christian Examiner:

Satanist attacks Oklahoma City’s 10 Commandments

Yeah, about that…

Man who destroyed Oklahoma 10 Commandments monument was devout Christian

“he would never deface something that meant so much to him. He takes the Ten Commandments very seriously. He has been very Christian his entire adult life.”

According to his mother (audio of interview), the guy had a work injury to his back four years ago and now suffers “breakdowns.” Sounds like possibly pain issues, coupled with pain meds, just drove the feller bonkers. He was apparently wanting to become a pastor. I suspect that this might prove a little bit of a hindrance to that plan.

The graven image was the focal point of a lawsuit trying to remove it from government grounds. The lawsuit was recently tossed out, so the timing seemed interesting to some. Such as…

Atheists Lose Lawsuit Over 10 Commandments Monument… So They Smash it to Rubble

Odd crop of atheists they’re growing these days… athesits who love God, want to become pastors and hear Satan yapping at ‘em.

In short: the Australian government passed a law saying that you can’t go wandering about the Parliament House with your face covered up. But of course, this offended Certain People who branded it an evil horrible Burka Ban. Western governments being the seats of bravery that they are, the Aussie-gov relented… specifically for the Niqab. So… three guys show up. One wearing a full burka & niqab, one with a motorcycle helmet and one in full KKK regalia, including pointy mask-hat. Hijinks ensue.

Trio test Australian Parliament’s face veil rules

Turns out that the pinhead up in Ottawa used a Winchester Model 1894 lever action 30-30. Unsurprisingly, a whole lot of the press had a hard time understanding just what that is.

Canadian Soldier Dies After Being Run Down By Suspected Militant

It seems that one “Martin Couture-Rouleau,” who became “radicalized” and changed his name to Ahmad, ran down two Canadian soldiers who were walking along a road near a shopping area in Quebec, killing one. The Surt worshipper then led the police on a chase and was shot dead, which is the only good part of the story.

More details and photos here:

Public Safety Minister: Car strike against soldiers a terror attack

And here:

Martin Couture-Rouleau: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Barry A. Hazle Jr., Atheist, Wins Nearly $2 Million In Settlement Over Faith-Based Rehab Program

Short form: in 2007, Hazle was arrested for meth possession and sentence to rehab. but the only rehab that was available was one of those worthless faith-based things that’re no better than quitting cold turkey. Since Hazle was an atheist, he didn’t want to be involved, but he was made to go. So he was “disruptive, though in a congenial way, to the staff as well as other students” and  “sort of passive-aggressive.” As a result he was kicked out and sent to jail for three months.

And now his lawsuit has netted him just shy of $2,000,000.


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