Jun 282017

On the one hand, destroying government property = bad. But on the other hand, if that property is manifestly unconstitutional… Hmmmm.  I guess I’d rate this about like someone plowing through an illegal barricade blocking them from getting around on their own property.

Arkansas’ Ten Commandments Monument Lasted Less Than 24 Hours

Interestingly… I bet that a whole lot of the people who are outraged by this act of destruction would celebrate the destruction of an atheist or Satanist monument plopped right next to the Ten Commandments.

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Jun 172017

Step one: be a Swedish “expert on multiculturalism and Islamophobia.”

Step two: collect substantial sums from the Swedish government in the form of welfare payments

Step three: Convert to islam

Step four: Move your entire family to Syria to fight with ISIS

Step five: call for terrorist attacks against civilians within Sweden

Step six…?

Step seven: blame violence on Trump supporters and right-wing talk radio rhetoric, I suppose…

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Jun 102017

So, some scientists announced that some almost-modern human skeletal remains were found in Morocco. What made it newsworthy was that these remains were abut 300,000 years old… 150,000 years older than any modern humans. Neat, huh?

Well, to some folks, finding out that human evolution is more complex and interesting than previously understood means that it didn’t actually happen:

Stop the Presses! Human Evolution Falsified!

Give it a read. It is… remarkable. It reads like the sort of thing someone would write if they were trying to spoof creationists. The icing on the crazycake is the anger the writer expresses at the “hoax” of Darwininan evolution.

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Jun 032017

Yet no confirmation, might have just been an accident. But it sure sounds familiar…

London police report ‘incident’ on London Bridge

Of course, accidents usually don’t involve stabbings. But you know, Europeans are a funny lot…


London Bridge chaos as ‘several people mown down’ by van sparking station evacuation and armed cop response

Eye witnesses report that victims were receiving CPR after being ‘stabbed’



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May 282017

What’s the most popular boys name in the Muslim world? “Mohammad,” or some spelling variation thereof. What’s a real popular name in the Spanish speaking world? “Jesus.” What’s *not* a popular name in the Anglosphere? “Jesus.” This has always kinda surprised me. Naming kids after revered characters is quite common, yet in the English speaking world naming your kid after the primary religious figure is considered inpoor taste. That said… “Joshua” is popular enough, won’t get you a second glance. Yet “Joshua” is the Anglicized version of the Latin name “Iesous,” which is a Greekified version of the Hebrew name “Yeshua,” what Jesus would have been called by the Hebrews of that time and place.  Similarly, Mathew, Mark, John, Paul, Ringo, Steven, Luke, Han, Adam, Mary, David, Debby, Abigail, Peter, Joseph and a number of other distinctly Biblical names are now quite popular.

Why blather forth about this? Because I laughed my face off a few days at WalMart. Wandering about, minding my own business, I passed by a common enough WalMart trope: a mother yelling at her oblivious, misbehaving horrible little brat. You learn to tune such things out. But something penetrated the wall and got my attention: the mother, in yelling at her child, kept calling him “Messiah.” Now maybe it’s “Massiya” or some other oddball spelling, but the pronunciation was the same. And it seems to me that if “Jesus” is considered poor form, surely “Messiah” should be too.

Ponderable: if “Mohammad” is popular in the Islamic world, how about naming your kid “Allah” or “Mahdi?” Surely that would result in nothing but praise and instant puppies.

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May 202017

‘Clock boy’ Ahmed Mohamed will file new lawsuit after judge dismisses claims against Irving ISD, city

For those who don’t recall… Clochmed was the kid who took the electrical bits out of a commercial digital plug-in-the-wall clock and re-installed them within a nicely conductive metal case (an off the shelf pencil box, now equipped with  wall plug and exposed wiring). When he was arrested for bringing a “hoax bomb” to school (note: not for bringing a bomb… nobody on scene thought it was actually a bomb, they just assumed that it was something meant to *look* like a bomb in order to scare people), his family was able to parlay that into lots of swag, visits to the President, ill-advised compliments from people who should have known better about what a brilliant “inventor” the kid was (remember: he didn’t build the clock… he just took it out of a plastic housing and put it in a metal one), and a chance to play lawsuit lotto with the town of Irving, Texas. The family, after complaining about Clochmeds human rights being violated, pulled up stakes and moved to Qatar where their human rights are certain to be safe.

If there’s anyone about dense enough to think that*clearly* this was racism/Islamophobia on the part of the authorities in Irving, and that such a thing would never happen to Privileged White Kids, let me REMIND YOU: Pop Tart Pistols.

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May 182017

This is some sorta propaganda art-film. The winner of a competition organized by the horrifically-named “Européens Sans Frontières (Europeans Without Borders),” the purpose of which, best as I can gather, was to produce a film about the plight of “migrants” as they try to gain access to (and gain control over) the lands and womenfolk of western Europe. I think that’s it, anyway. But the end result is… well, I’ll have to let it speak for itself, cuz I sure as shootin’ can’t explain it:

What *seems* to happen here is that a bespectacled European fairy aids some human traffickers in smuggling a family of “migrants” into western Europe in order to provide cheap labor and put some locals out of work. or something, it’s hard to tell. The original was in French, so maybe it loses something in translation. The thing is, I honestly can’t tell what the actual propaganda is here. Is it supposed to be “we welcome our replacements,” as seems the PC thing for Europeans to do these days? Or is the complete ridiculousness of it meant to satire that sentiment? Or – and I might be going a bit out on a limb here – is this actually a dark tale about one of the few remaining European fairy folk getting revenge on the European humans who wiped out her kind by sneaking in other humans from an alien and antagonistic culture, knowing full well that once a critical mass of the invaders are in place Europe will be plunged into another meatgrinder, killing off  tens or hundreds of millions of humans,  and providing the now nearly extinct fairy folk with a measure of justice against the Europeans who wiped them out centuries before?



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May 182017

This will, no doubt, result in calm, reasoned discussion:

Atheists are more intelligent than religious people, say researchers

In short, the argument goes: religion evolved as an instinct, providing evolutionary advantages. Intelligence, however, allows one to over-ride instincts. Thus on average an intelligent person is more likely to be an atheist because they can bypass their instincts in favor of reason.

Note the direction in which the logic flows: “if you are more intelligent, you are more likely to become an atheist.” It’s *not* “if you’re an atheist, it proves you’re intelligent.”

So. Surely nobody will be upset or annoyed by this.

But then there’s this:

“It’s true that people who are less intelligent tend to have more children than people who are more intelligent,” Dutton tells Newsweek . “And intelligence is negatively associated with religiousness. So on that basis, you would expect religiousness to increase.

“If you have higher intelligence, you’re less instinctive. You’re lower in what you might call ‘evolved instincts’ that have evolved over thousands and thousands of years until the Industrial Revolution, when natural selection slowed down.”

He says that with intelligence being around 80 percent genetic, eventually there will be a decline in intelligence—and, as a result—a rise in religiousness. And this, he adds, could eventually lead to the fall of society. “It was commented on at the end of Rome, that the upper class weren’t having any children. It’s the same now,” he says.

I’ve seen that movie.


This is, perhaps shockingly, a concept I touch on in my Zaneverse novel.

There is another way to look at the evidence: prison. Prisons are jam-packed full of violent, stupid, thuggish brutes. They don’t, however, seem to be overflowing with atheists; rather, prison ministries of all kinds seem to be going gangbusters. Intelligence and prison seem to be negatively correlated; prison and belief in a deity that *explicitly* told your dumb ass not to do exactly what got you chucked into prison seem to be positively correlated.

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