Sep 012015

This revelation will, no doubt, be received with calm interest.

This Copy of the Koran Could Be Older Than The Prophet Muhammad

In short… a few pages from an ancient copy of the Koran being tested by scientists at Oxford University have been carbon dated to between 568 A.D. and 645 A.D. According to Islamic lore, Mohammad received his “revelations” starting around 610 A.D. So the possibility exists that at least parts of the Koran were written before Muhammad started his religion, which, if true, would mean he appropriated at least some portions of his “revelations” from existing sources.

Why, the very idea of a less-than-honest “prophet.” I’m shocked, truly. To the fainting couch!

At the very least, if further testing puts the date at the later end of the range, 645 A.D., this might still somewhat mess with the official story, as Muhammed’s tales weren’t supposedly set down in writing quite that early.

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Aug 202015

If the answer is “no…” Well, the question then becomes “where will the *Germans* go when *they* are  forced to flee?”

Germany refugee riot injures 15 after Koran defaced

We seem to be entering an exciting era of low-rent mass invasions. The US has been successfully invaded by many millions of illegal aliens; Europe is now being overwhelmed by refugees fleeing crappy cultures… and bringing those crappy cultures with them.

I still think that the best possible solution to the “refugee problem” is to collect refugees into training facilities, train them up in basic military tactics, wait until a sufficient critical mass of trained refugees are onhand… and them ship them back, armed with infantry weaponry. Germany is looking to have 650,000 refugees show up this year; three or four years of that should provide Germany with an army of at least a million more or less adequate soldiers. A million  such soldiers sent to Syria en mass would do much towards taking down both the Assad regime and Islamic State. The US has somewhere between 11 million and 40 million illegals; should be able to form an army of between 3 and 10 million out of that. Sent to Venezuela, they could create their own nation out of that failed state.

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Aug 182015

Gawker recently posted an interview with a politically active feller. It starts off thusly:

Gawker: Your involvement in electoral campaigns is mainly organizing for progressive Democrats?

Interviewee: Yes, mainly progressive Democrats and independents at every level, whether it be city council, state rep, Senate, Presidential. I was really active in both Obama campaigns. Actually I was his precinct captain for his Senate campaign in Illinois.

OK. So who’s being interviewed?

A) Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager

B) A Baltimore Mayoral candidate

C) The national chairman of the Communist Party USA?

I’ll give you a moment to ponder that.

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Aug 182015

Sure, why not:

BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation… Military helicopters now patrolling Beijing

Because a chemical plant built and operated in a nation run by communists couldn’t *possibly* catch fire without aid form American space weaponry.

Come for the “Rods from God,” stay for the “vaccines cause autism” and the transition to “Shemitah” (“Blood Moon” gibberish).

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Aug 012015

So while reading this article about the logical conundrum known as “Roko’s Basilisk,” I started thinking “you know, this kinda reminds me of the forbidden knowledge that Lovecraft wrote about.” And then the author of the article mentions that while he was working on the article, *he* thought it sounded Lovecraftian. So… huzzah, I guess.

The Most Terrifying Thought Experiment of All Time

So, the idea of Roko’s Basilisk is this: assume that the Simulation Hypothesis is correct. We don’t live in the *actual* really real world, but instead in a simulated universe. Everything you see and know is part of a vast computer program. Now, assume that you are presented with two choices… devote your (simulated) life to helping that future advanced computer system needed for the simulation come to pass… of don’t help it, and irritate the hell out of the computer, and it will send you to simulated hell for eternal torment. This option is only put before those people predisposed to believing that they are in the simulation. Additionally, if you are in fact in the simulation, just *thinking* about Roko’s Basilisk will increase the chances of it coming to pass.

The end result apparently was… when the feller Roko posted his thought about it in 2010 on the LessWrong forum, he was communicating it directly to *exactly* the sort of people predisposed to believing that it could be real. Just the *thought* of the Basilisk was enough to have apparently driven some of them buggo with the realization that they were facing perpetual punishment in computer Hell. The moderator of the forum deleted the post and the subsequent discussion because giving the hypothetical evil AI god that’s running the universe ideas like this is just Not A Good Idea.

To me this kinda reads like an computer-era updating of the Necronomicon. Just reading the damned thing could make Unimaginable Horrors From Beyond take an interest in you, which would generally be considered something of a Terribly Bad Idea.

So, you know… huzzah, I guess.

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Aug 012015

Over the years I’ve yammered on about pretty much every area of American politics at one time or another. Abortion, however, is something I don’t believe I’ve brought up much. Not because I’m afraid of the topic, but mostly because I haven’t really cared all that much. But there have been some news stories lately that have been somewhat… annoying.

First up… the Planned Parenthood videos that apparently show abortionists discussing getting monetary remuneration for intact bits of aborted fetuses. On the one hand… eww. On the other hand… talk to any medical professional who has been in their business for a number of years. They’ll talk shop about medical horrors with a nonchalance that’ll astound. Not because medical types are naturally uncaring, but because *anything* you deal with on a regular basis, you grow accustomed to.

And then there’s THIS STORY. Tell me this doesn’t give you an uncomfortableness…

In short… in Dallas in 2013 a 14-year-old girl was raped by a relative, got pregnant, and then, 8 months into the pregnancy, her family discovered that she was pregnant. So the family did what I guess families are supposed to do: they beat her for 6 hours until she had a miscarriage. The family then tried to disposed of the “evidence” by, among other things, trying to burn it up on the back yard grill.


OK, that’s bad. But here’s where it becomes relevant to the politics: The family members involved have been charged with a number of crimes including aggravated assault. But what they *haven’t* been charged with is murder.


Here’s the thing: I think I am like many, perhaps most, people: I’ve no problem with contraceptives of all kinds (I’ve previously, and probably repeatedly, mentioned that I believe implanted contraceptives should be a condition for receiving welfare). I’ve minimal problems with a “day after pill.” I’ve little enough trouble with abortion in the first little while. But I start getting twitchy about the notion of aborting fetuses that are developed enough to feel pain. And by the time the fetus is old enough to survive outside the womb, my patience for abortion  – barring health of the mother – has just about wore out. So aborting an 8-month fetus? Nope. Just nope.

It’s understandable that people have wildly differing views on the subject. But what bugs the hell out of me is how the extremists on both ends just refuse to see any validity whatsoever to the other side. The pro-abortionists see the anti-abortionists as being opposed to womens rights, when as far as I can tell, the anti-abortionists simply see abortion as killing a baby. And the anti-abortionists… they are *right.* Who among us would see the intentional killing of a baby born six hours ago as murder, but *not* see the intentional killing of a fetus that is six hours from a scheduled C-section as murder? Does the change of venue from womb to atmosphere change the fetus from non-human to human? And if you see the just-about-born fetus as a human deserving of protection under the law, when *isn’t* it worth such protection? Six months? Four? Three? A few weeks?

The religious anti-abortionists are, in my view, often excessive in their absolute opposition. But you can’t deny that they at least have a good, clear and defensible position that human rights begin at conception.

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Jun 242015

London Tesco branch pulls Ramadan smokey bacon crisps promotion


Who doesn’t like bacon?

Realistically, there’s probably less actual pork in those Pringles as there is in the *air* in the can. I imagine the whole thing is 90% dehydrated tater, 9% salt, and 1% synthetic flavoring made using chemical elements not yet recognized in the periodic table.

I bet these’d go great with a haram sandwich. rimshot2

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