Liberia: Dead Ebola Patients Resurrect?

Two options spring to mind:

1) The “dead” weren’t actually dead, just unconscious. Perhaps not even struck with ebola.

2) It’s basically untrue. A hoax, a lie, a misheard rumor.

But the thing is: either way, in that region over-run with superstitious nonsense, stories of the “dead” coming back to life will be sure to make bad worse. Some will believe that their dead loved ones will come back to them. And then rather than getting rid of the corpse, they’ll keep it around. Others will undoubtedly believe that the dead will return, but not as themselves. Instead, the dead will come back as zombies or vampires or ghouls or revenants. And thus… who the hell knows. But since the situation won’t be viewed accurately, logically and dispassionately but as a source of supernatural horror… well, nothing good ever comes of that.

Fun times in the world of politics:

Scottish independence: Voting under way in referendum

I gather it’s a toss-up at this point, probably won’t know for another day or so. Maybe CNN will get lucky and the voting will be 200o-Presidential-Level of close, with hanging chads and legal fights.


Australian PM: Public execution terror plot foiled

A sizable police raid is claimed to have stopped a planned terrorist act… the kidnapping off of the streets of Sydney of just some random schmoe, the on-video beheading of said schmoe, and the displaying of the body draped in an ISIS flag.


Feds: NY store owner plotted to send jihadists to Syria, kill U.S. troops himself

Dude wanted to pay for idiots who wanted to wander over yonder and play jihadi, and pick up some guns himself and shoot veterans. Charming.

In a sane world, this would be one of the biggest stories in the developed world’s news. But in a sane world, this story would have never happened.

British Town Of Rotherham Shocked By Revelations Of Sexual Abuse

The ultra-short form: Rotherham had a “ring” of men who trafficked and gang-raped girls for a long time. This, sadly, is not an especially novel development… it happens far too often, far too widely, in places where you’d think the people woudl be far too civilized for that sort of thing. But horrible as the generic “sex trafficking of children” label is, it gets worse, due to the sheer *scale* of the operation: up to 1,400 children over 16 years. And the local authorities were repeatedly informed, but over a span of years did little to nothing. Why? Because they were afraid. Not afraid of the sex traffickers themselves, per se, like one might expect… it’s not unreasonable to assume that such a ring would be composed of and associated with dangerous men and organized criminals. But they were afraid of something far, far worse: political correctness. As it turns out, the men involved here were, in the vague terms so often employed, “predominantly Asian.” And by “Asian” they’re not talking about Koreans or Siberians or Chinese or Laotians or Russians or Indians. No, in Brit-speak, “Asian” seems to mean “Pakistani.” The victims were predominantly *not* “Asian,” but dirt-poor actual-ethnic-English.

Don’t you *dare* try to draw any conclusions from that. Don’t even think about it. Put it out of your mind.

And we’re now back to:



What the hell is the deal with teenage girls? They seem to be especially susceptible to falling under the sway of fantasy… be it sparkly emo vampires, Beatle/Beiber celebrities, even online horror tropes like Slender Man, teenfems seem to lose all ability to process data rationally and become rather loud and overly enthusiastic fangirls. Add to that list of “fantasy subjects who drive girls insane” one “religious leader” who keeled over nearly 1400 years ago:

British female jihadis running ISIS ‘brothels’ allowing killers to rape kidnapped Yazidi women

Colorado teen pleads guilty in plan to join ISIS

16-Year-Old French Girl Detained At Airport, Wanted To Fly To Syria And Join ISIS


Yeah, yeah, probably far more western teen *boys* are taking leave of civilization and heading off towards jihad than girls. But while I can see the allure of the caliphate for evil males, what the hell is in it for girls? As can be seen from one of the headlines, some of the girls left the civilized world in order to help torture and terrorize other women and girls. W. T. F.

A 25-year old guy – undoubtedly known to his family as a “gentle giant” – recently decided it would be a jolly good jape to take a machete and chop the head off of an 82-year-old woman. Also two cats.

Nick Salvadore, suspect for beheading of Palmira Silva, is would-be cage-fighter and Muslim convert

Isolated incident, to be sure. The idea of a British Muslim beheading people is too ludicrous to ever occur more than once.


And in the “How about NO” department:

British jihadists now want to return home

One thing I don’t get is the idea that the UK and US government should try to prevent home-grown jihadis from venturing off to ISISland. I say let ‘em go. hell, set up a fund to help pay their way. Just don’t let them come back.


Individually they are interesting. Put them next to each other, and you can imagine some sort of interesting developments…

British ex-boxing champion Anthony Small defends ISIS beheadings

A British convert to Islam posts videos extolling the virtues of chopping off heads because they are “infidels” and warning that Brits should be aware that they are all valid targets of that sort of thing at home. He also posted a video titled “Why Muslims have no sympathy for Lee Rigbys son!”

And then there’s this:

Police ask victims to do ‘DIY’ investigations of some crimes

Where we learn of the widening issue of British police forces who can’t be bothered to even *try* to solve crimes, including not even showing up. Interesting quote: “some offences, such as criminal damage or stolen vehicles, are on the verge of being decriminalised by police forces which had given up investigating them.”

Say, that’s neat. At the same time a death cult is gaining in power and adherents in the UK, the British police are deciding that that whole “crime investigations” thing is just too much trouble. What could possibly go wrong?

Although… one might suggest the possibility of a deeper, more devious plan here. As things currently are in Britain, Islamism/Jihadism can grow and increase in Britain, imposing sharia over an increasing fraction of the land until it eventually either takes over or results in civil war. The current political system permits no opposition. However, by pulling the cops back from enforcing the law, this means that if Brits decide to Do Something About It themselves… who’s to stop them? It might be better to have a civil war of sorts *now* than later after the UK has already lost much of it’s blood and treasure to the forces of dumbth and darkness.


It seems that jihadis in Libya strolled off with eleven commercial jetliners in late August. Now, what would those folks want with aircraft such as that, I wonder? I bet it’s to deliver candy and stuffed toys and antibiotics to poor underprivileged kids. Yup. That’s gotta be it.

Seems to probably be a mix of Airbuses.

Fort Hood shooter writes to ISIS leader, asks to become ‘citizen’ of Islamic State

Nidal Hasan, the Jihadi terrorist traitor who went on a shooting spree at Ft. Hood in 2009, deserves to get his wish. And then the Army can, in a joint mission with the USAF, load him into the payload shroud of a Minuteman III missile and send him to his new homeland.

I find it interesting how popular ISIS is becoming with westerners who want to go and joint the jihad. ISIS was booted out by Al Queda because they were excessively extreme and violent even by AQ standards. ISIS revels in creating and distributing videos showing them carrying out horrific acts of pure evil. And this makes them *more* popular with the jihadi-wannabes. This is, I believe, rather telling about the wannabes: there is something about them that makes them want *more* evil and violence.

I know there are at least a few Mormons who look in on my blog from time to time. I’ve got a question for y’all.

Up front: I’m not a Mormon, but I’ve found them, over the last decade living in distinct Mormon Country, to be decent enough folks. Much of their theology strikes me as downright silly, though (don’t go feeling superior, those of you who believe that small carbohydrate crackers are regularly transformed into meat by means of prayer). Some of the silliness is hard to tell whether it comes from misunderstanding by outsiders, or it is, in fact, silly.

I was reminded of this today in a book store. I wandered past the religion section ( I kinda had to, as it was on the other side of the aisle from History), and for whatever reason one particular kids book caught my eye. It was a large-format illustrated work with the odd title “The Not Even Once Club.” That’s not a title that immediately explains itself. I thought it might be some horribly uncomfortable book about sexual assault, or some lame book about how naughty it is to bully other kids, or some such. But a quick glance at the cover showed that it was actually about a group of kids banded together to never violate any of God’s commandments. Ummm… sure. Why not. That interested me… I wanted to see how the author & illustrated dealt with convincing kids that they really shouldn’t aughtta commit murder, perjure themselves, make sculptures or pick up sticks on Sunday. Never not once ever do any work on Sunday at all, which would be a neat trick since work is defined as force over a distance, which is accomplished by, oh, I dunno, walking your butt to Church. But I digress.

A quick flip through the book made it clear that I still didn’t have the right idea. The kids in the book were shown having a tree/clubhouse that was packed to overflowing with jars of candy and other goodies. A new kid in the neighborhood is brought in and given a test: would he drink alcohol? Not. Even. Once. How about coffee?  Not. Even. Once. How about tea? Not. Even. Once. How about lemonade? Sure, that’d be awesome. Since he passed the test, and was given some sort of loyalty oath to sign, he was inducted into the group, and, presumably, lived happily ever after.


The message I got from this was that it’s bad to drink booze. Sure, I get that. And that it’s ok to drink lemonade. Sure, I get that, too. But where I get fuzzy: it’s not only bad to drink coffee, it’s also bad to drink tea. Bwah? And Tea-Drinking-Is-Teh-Evil seemed to be a bit more important for this group of kids than Murder-Be-Bad.

The book, by the way, was published by Deseret Book Company, a Mormon propaganda firm.

So, for all y’all Mormons out there, explain this to me: Coffee? Tea? Bad???

Is this standard doctrine, or is the author on the loopy end of the Mormon bell curve?

I have heard conflicting things about coffee. As goes at least one story, it was Officially Bad because the caffeine serves as a stimulant, and thus that’s downright druggie. But then the LDS church holds, or at least held (I dunno) a whole lot of stock in Coca Cola… which has a lot of caffeine. So then coffee=bad because it’s a hot drink (which didn’t really clear that up for me). But that doesn’t explain tea, as it’s more like served cold than hot. So… WTF.

And I guess the lesson here is that while caffeine is bad, sugar is AWESOME, and kids need to be bribed with as much of it as can be shoved into them, and that giving in to peer pressure is to be encouraged. Or something.


And because why not:


A blast from the past:

Hostages? No Problem Soviets Offer ‘How-to’ Lesson In Kidnapping

January 15, 1986

In short: jihadis kidnapped four Soviet embassy workers in Lebanon in late 1985. They shot one  and left his body in the dump. The Soviet response: call the KGB. KGB found a relative of a Hizbollah leader. The KGB castrated him, and sent his severed junk to said Hizbollah guy, then capped their captive. Then informed Mr. Hizbollah that they knew where the rest of his family was. End result: the three remaining Soviet captives were returned.

This tale might be worth remembering. Because the world does not seem to be improving. Consider:

‘Twice as Many’ British Muslims Fighting for ISIS Than in UK Armed Forces

This is an interesting bit of info to keep in mind when you hear the oft-repeated claim that the likes of Al Qaeda or ISIS do not represent their religion, but are in fact the far edge extremists. If that was true, why is that far extremism more popular for, say, British Muslims than joining in the defense of Britain? Where are the massive forces of volunteers of non-extremists who are gathering together to put down ISIS and install a western-style religiously tolerant system that celebrates the Christian, Jewish, Yazidi, Zoroastrian, agnostic, Hindu, Atheist and whatnot minorities there on the ground?


When faced with barbarism, such as people who merrily saw innocent peoples heads off, you cannot emerge victorious through negotiation. Negotiating with monsters is like democracy: “two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.” At some point the lamb had better be ready to put a bullet through a wolf or two.

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