Mar 152018

There’s a lot of weird in this story, but it’s an interesting read.

Poconos gunmaker’s vision: an AR-15 for every American

Short form: The son of Reverend Sun Myung Moon (you know, the Moonies) owns a firearms manufacturing company, Kahr Arms. They manufacture guns like the Thompson and the K9, and will soon be making their own AR-15 clone. That’s cool and all, but the problem with making sure that more people get themselves an AR-15 is that his AR-15 will cost $700… more than many I’ve seen. So that would hardly seem likely to make much difference. Now, if he was making a quality AR for, say $250, that would be something.

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Mar 142018

It has been fairly standard practice in the last few decades to use lethal injections to execute death row inmates. This has always been a troublesome and expensive approach, and recently difficult to carry out since the drugs used are getting hard to come by.

What has always confounded me is that there are far simpler, cheaper and more certain approaches that don;t even carry the risk of undue pain to the condemned: use inert gases like nitrogen, helium, argon, freon and the like to asphyxiate them. Unlike carbon dioxide, these gases don’t prompt the “oh crap I’m choking response.” Nitrogen, after all, makes up about 80% of every breath you take *now.* If you replace that 20% of oxygen with another 20% of nitrogen, your lungs won’t complain. They will simply continue to expel carbon dioxide from your blood; since you don;t get the choking response, you continue to breathe normally. As a result, you will also pass some perfectly fine oxygen from your blood back out through your lungs, causing you to pass out a *lot* faster than if you were in a high CO2 environment that makes you hold your breath. There have been a number of industial accidents where someone has wandered into a high nitrogen or argon or helium environment, and then quickly gone to sleep, and then quickly died.

And so, huzzah:

Oklahoma Officials Plan to Use Nitrogen for Executions

Nitrogen is cheap and omnipresent. It’s not like those whacko bizarre lethal injection drugs manufactured by only a few companies; a prison could call up Air Liquide or any of a number of other suppliers and have them bring in cylinders of compressed nitrogen or even large dewars of liquid nitrogen.

Of course, they could always think outside the box and consider alternative approaches like gigantic trebuchets, or as weight simulators on future Falcon 9 flights. Strap ol’ Dead Man Walkin’ into another Roadster and point some Go Pros at him. The footage should prove enlightening and entertaining, and perhaps even useful when played on a loop in gen pop.

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Mar 142018

Surviving many decades beyond expectation, physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76.

Well… damn.

There are people who will be remembered not just generations down the line, but centuries even millenia. I believe we’ve just seen the passing of one such. I’m not sure there are many others alive today who will be recalled as a such a scientific giant.

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Mar 132018

I’ve only been there a few times, each time on driving trips passing through along the coast. It seemed a nice enough place, except for the gas station attendants who kept freaking out whenever I started pumping my own gas. But nice as it seemed, I’m not entirely convinced that this animated promotional video for the state is 100% entirely accurate.

Oregon: The Other Wakanda

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Mar 122018

As embarrassing as Trump often is… imagine the alternative:

Oy. Nothing screams “American power and confidence” like clumsiness, fragility and dependency upon others to carry out simple tasks.

Also: feel free to insert a joke HERE about “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” or other man-despising feminist yapping points. Note that this Strong Independent Woman needs *two* men. Note how Hillary’s aide Huma  *leaps* to her aid…


And because why not:


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Mar 122018

So people are still fighting about Russia meddling in the 2016 election. It seems to be reasonably well established that they did so, though the claim that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians seems to be based on little more than wishful thinking. Until I see anything better, I’m going to continue with the assumption that the meddling *seemed* to be mostly anti-Hillary because everyone pretty much assumed she was going to win in a landslide, and the goal wasn’t so much getting Trump elected as it was just messing with the US democratic process and sowing internal dissent and strife for the purposes of generally weakening the US. Which is why the meddling continued well after the election.

Now that the requisite virtue signaling is out of the way… Putin tells us that it wasn’t the Russian government but, you know, those wacky Jews.

Trump-Russia: Putin criticised for Jewish ‘election meddling’ remark

In an interview over the weekend, Putin said of those who ran the troll farms and such:

“Maybe they’re not even Russians, but Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, just with Russian citizenship.”

Now, here’s the thing. Imagine this was in *any* other context. Instead of election meddling, the people involved were, say, bank robbers. Or an acting troupe. Or athletes. Or *anything.* And instead of Russians, they were Americans. Now imagine this statement:

“Maybe they’re not even Americans, but Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, just with American citizenship.”

Consider: if someone is Ukranian, or Tatar, or Jewish, or Irish, or Mexican, or Nigerian, or Innuit, or Ainu, or Gondorian or Alderaanian, but they have American citizenship… that means they are *American.* So how is it someone can have Russian citizenship but not be a Russian?



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Mar 122018

So the latest spokes idjits for the civilian enfeeblement movement pooped out their latest fashion concept for all the Cool Kids to wear:

Oddly enough, it was a Hollywood celeb who pointed out that political armbands might not be such a swift idea. Granted it was one of the very few conservative Hollywood celebs, but still…


Via Gateway Pundit.

Sadly after getting schooled, the original tweets with the idea and photos were taken down. Much better would it have been had they kept going so that people could see that those who push for gun control are little better than the fascists they emulate in so many ways.

So once again we’re left with the paradox: we’re supposed to listen to these kids on matters of politics… while at the same time we’re not supposed to allow them to exercise their constitutional rights because they’re all untrustworthy emotional basketcases.




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