May 042011

The Museum of Aviation near Robins Air Force Base in Georgia is a surpringinly well-stocked museum worthy of a visit… especially if, like me, you just happen to be going by, had no idea that the museum was there, and decide to stop for no better reason than you see a sign at the side at the side of the road reading “Aviation Museum.”

When you walk in the front door, the first thing you see is one of at least three F-15’s the Museum has. Also on display out back is a Credible Sport C-130… which you can bet your backside I took photos of.

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  • Jim

    It seems they have it arranged and lit so that even an amateur such as I could get tolerable photos; you’ve got photos there that would look like they belong there in promotional material.


    • admin

      I have some more that I’ll be posting afore too long… the Credible Sport and the SR-71, for example. I wanted to bang my head against the wall when I finally got a good look at some of the SR-71 shots, though… in order to get proper images, the photos needed to be somewhat longish in duration (more than a second). Typically not a problem, but my tripod decided to be a tad squirrelly with a few shots… it moved fractionally during, and thus the middle photo needed for a wide panorama is a piece of crap. Since the allowable duration at the museum was “how fast can I run through it,” I didn;t have the time to get backup shots. AAARRRRGH.

  • Ed Skinner

    Two places to eat: some very fine dining at Chef Audrey’s (2728 Watson Blvd), and some really good food and company at Owen’s Boarding House.
    And you’re right about the museum — one of the best I’ve visited, arguably better than the one next to Dulles with its free admission but $15 parking (WTF?) which is not to be confused with the not-nearly-so-good Air and Space Museum on the mall in DC.

  • Joe

    I have yet to go there, though I sorely want to. I have a picture of their Caribou that I took on the ramp at An Khe in 1967, shortly before boarding. Sent them a copy, don’t know if they made any use of it.

  • Jason

    Great pictures! I did a similar swingby once but showed up after closing time. I was not allowed inside, but the guard was nice and let me wander the outside grounds. Lots of good aircraft there and would love to get back sometime to see the inside.