May 042011

In Utah, it’s quite common to see pickup trucks going down the road or parked with dogs in the beds. The dogs seem to find this to be a thrilling adventure, and I’ve never heard of any trouble resulting from the practice. A month or so ago I went to the grocery store in Tremonton to pick up some milk, Spam and bullets and saw this feller in the parking lot. He’s a beautiful critter, but was entirely businesslike in his determination to keep an eye out for his master… and to protect his masters property.

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  • Pat Flannery

    Our next door neighbors had a Husky, and it was the single nicest dog I ever knew in my life.
    I think it spent as much time living at our house as at theirs, and was a dinner leftovers magnet.
    It’s amazing how they can tolerate cold; temp would be -20 F outside and it would be quite happy, having buried itself under the snow with only its head showing.
    Really strange story how I met it; I was walking around with a friend on the frozen James River one winter day when this wolfish looking dog slowly approached without making a sound…it came getting closer and closer, and I thought to myself: “This is the one that doesn’t bark, but bites.” finally it came right up to us, sat down…and held up its right paw to shake hands. We spent around half an hour playing with it.
    A couple of years later, the family that owned it moved in right across the alley from us.
    Did the dog foresee all those tasty leftovers in its future?

  • Jeb

    Big fella. I cringe at dogs in pickup beds, though. I’ve seen a farmer carrying his dog’s body up a hill to where his truck was parked after it got bounced out (its mate was waiting in the truck bed) and two friends of the family had dogs leashed to the beds of their trucks, and the dogs got dragged half to death. One told me after the accident that he should have just taken his beagle into the woods and put it out of its misery.

  • Nick P.

    What a beautiful beastie.

    Gotta agree with Jeb though, I’ve seen a couple dogs too many fall out of beds of trucks and get roadwaffled than to think it’s a good idea. The memory that really stands out to me is driving back to Boise from McCall and seeing some guy on the side of the road reduced to a complete rubber-kneed blubbering mess because his dog had fallen out of the bed of his truck and was immediately run over by the rear wheels.

    • Pat Flannery

      The one I knew had the added oddity of having its left eye medium brown and right eye very light blue.
      This is a mutation I’ve heard is fairly common in Huskies.