Apr 292011


Jimmy Carter Goes To Seoul and says: 

 one of the most important human rights is “to have food to eat and for South Korea and Americans, and others to deliberately withhold food aid for North Korean people… is indeed a human rights violation.”

Yeah. It’s our fault.

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  • Pat Flannery

    There’s plenty of food up in North Korea, and it’s all marching in step and supporting the government 100%.

  • Jordan

    It’s either the old age or the fact that he never got over to losing to Reagan. Or it could be because he was largely responsible for our failure in Middle-East relations.

  • Jim R.

    Carter was a failure as a President and he’s a failure as a private citizen.

  • peterh

    Typical theftist thinking. A violation of human rights to not fleece us to feed them? What about the tyranny in N. Korea impoverishing the people and getting in the way of them feeding themselves?

  • Brianna

    While we’re on the subject of Carter’s sins against reason…

    “Carter Hails Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation”


  • Murgatroyd

    Jimmy Carter is monumentally pissed off that he’s already lost the “Worst President Ever” title to Barack Obama, and he’s doing everything he can to lock in his claim to “Worst Ex-President Ever.”