Mar 292011

Let’s face it, YouTube is the pinnacle of human civilization.

“At-At Day Afternoon” (I was sure I’d posted this before, but I couldn’t find it):

[youtube -CVYOCMpJRY]

Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain.

[youtube HU2ftCitvyQ]

Dating tips with Worf

[youtube zweQgrLjh_s]

If this doesn’t harrow your very soul, I don’t know what will… “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins:”

[youtube XC73PHdQX04]

OK, maybe *this* will fill your soul with eldritch horror, “Rocket Man as Interpretted by William Shatner:”

[youtube DvQwXOCKNLY]

 And here’s William Shatners butcherment of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” transformed into Epic Win by way of an awesome video:

[youtube D-yy2URAYqU]

500 impersonations in 2 minutes:

[youtube xpsfDTbzKwM]

Which all leads inevitably, and finally, to “Star Trek in 47 Seconds:”

[youtube RKOGnV2Iasc]

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  • Bruce

    I think some of these celebrities did this stuff just to make extra money.
    I remember Tony Randall in a sex movie with him I think playing
    one of the sperm on late night TV some years back.

  • Bruce

    Second of all, why did they remake “Arthur”? I thought it was alright
    but still?

  • Bruce

    More fun…Check out Penguins-BBC….I know…but fun anyway.

  • Michael Holt

    Sadly, I have only two bottles of Guinness in the house now. It would take most of a 6-pack for Shatner’s work to be blotted out.