Mar 112011


One secondary but not-to-be-ignored issue with the hugenormous tsunami and flooding: cleanup. It looks like the layer of dirt and rubble is, in some places, *yards* deep. Getting the airport back up and running is a dire necessity. But how to clean off a runway covered in that much crap, especially without earth moving equipment (I’m assuming that there’s not a readily-accessible supply of waterproofed bulldozers on site)?

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  • s

    Fox news is showing video of a massive explosion at the reactor facility. Huge shower of debris and a shock wave. Looks like the containment building of the #1 reactor is gone. Unless I am very much mistaken, this is going worst case, with a full scale melt-down.

  • allen

    call the Seabees.

    they’re already on the islands, have amphibious landing capability with construction equipment, and this is the sort of work they do…clearing an airstrip is almost in their DNA.

  • admin

    > clearing an airstrip is almost in their DNA.

    Given the proximity to the reactor that looks like it might be melting down, I’d be kinda worried about their DNA…

  • Brianna

    The Japanese need to get that guy from the game where you roll a bunch of stuff into a giant ball.