Mar 102011


But remember, the real threat to public discourse is Glenn Beck.

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  • Brianna

    A correctly spelled, grammatically coherent missive. They might actually want to take this one seriously.

  • phuzz

    Is it true that some people in the US don’t realise that Fox news is a satirical joke? I mean, the fact that it’s owned by an aussie and that Glen Beck is/was a stand up comic should be a bit of a give away right?

  • peterh

    Ah, threats of the violent reaction I was expecting to last November’s election results.

    It is possible that this comes from a small group of nuts, or even from just one delusional uber nut. But I understand (disclaimer: not a lawyer) the threat alone is a criminal act. Someone should be arrested promptly once the identity of the sender is traced and confirmed.

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