Jan 292011

When it gets cold, Buttons sometimes tries to bunk down with Raedthinn and Fingers. They aren’t overly thrilled with the idea, though.

Raedthinn and Fingers are generally quite satisfied sleeping together.

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  • kbob42

    Okay, where did Raedthinn get his name? I tried a Google search on that term and all I got was mentions a pictures of that specific cat.

  • admin

    When I first got him as a kitten he Would Not Shut Up. Thus, a name based on “chatty” seemed appropriate. I looked up the Icelandic for “chatty” and got ræðinn and skrafhreyfinn. I went with the first one (“Raedthinn”) , being slightly more pronouncable (though I’m almost certainly pronouncing it wrong anyway).

    Of course, skrafhreyfinn has sorta come back in the form of Scruffy.

  • kbob42

    Ah, my Wife and I have always wondered.

  • Bruce

    I always wondered myself,now I have an answer.